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Our Ohana

Yoga in HI Places is an Oahu based, Silent Disco Beach Yoga company. Our team of experienced instructors comes from all walks of life. We are a unique group dedicated and passionate about creating an outdoor yoga experience for you. Melt into the moment and turn inward as you practice to the instructor's personalized sequence and set. Our beach classes provide space to reignite your practice and reset your intention. Together we unite our community to breathe, flow and dance as one.



Mindy Nguyen - Founder/Instructor

Mindy's life changed when she walked into her first yoga class and discovered her love for yoga. She believes that yoga is the perfect way to evolve the mind and body simultaneously.

In 2012, Mindy graduated with a degree in Sports Medicine and became a certified Yoga Teacher. She's experienced in teaching, leading teacher trainings, managing and opening studios. Mindy believes in always being a student and has completed additional yoga trainings and life coaching certifications. In 2016, Mindy followed her passion for travel by exploring new cultures, landscapes and giving the gift of yoga throughout India and Southeast Asia. Afterwards, Mindy moved home to Hawaii, where she started Yoga in HI Places. 

Yoga in HI Places combines Mindy's passion for yoga, community and the outdoors. Her mission is for every student to experience the physical and mental benefits when they leave their mat. Mindy loves to hike, bike, dance, travel and beach.


Justin Bolle - Photographer/Instructor

Justin turned to Yoga seeking a place to go inward to find more clarity through the chatter and stresses of daily life. As a person who enjoys challenging both his body and his mind, and seeking a place of creative expression, Justin’s mat became the place for physical and mental transformation. Like the ocean’s rhythmic tune, Justin finds the mind body connection through breath and movement, and how breath creates the ebb and flow of your mind. He was immediately drawn to Power Vinyasa  for holding these properties. When Justin isn’t on his mat, you’ll find him behind his lens, greeting the early morning rays and chasing sunsets.


Alex Morales - Instructor

Originally from Northern California, Alex made his move to Hawaii in 2009. Coming from an athletic background, Alex decided to incorporate yoga into his training for a triathlon. After the race, he was hooked to the practice and the benefits he saw and felt through yoga.

In 2013, Alex completed his training in Hawaii and decided to give yoga a chance full-time. Since then, Alex has been teaching all over the south shore and sharing his knowledge with every student he comes in contact with. In his classes, he aims to bring strength and flexibility not only to the body but also to the mind. Alex looks to share his practice with all people, all ages, men and women.

Alex loves to interact with his students in and out of the studio and is always looking to make a connection with everyone. Come to his class ready to move, sweat, and hear some good tunes along the way. "Let your breath be the beat and your flow be the dance."


Talaya Hart - Instructor

Talaya is a light hearted yogini always asking students to relax their jaw! "Yoga is meant to be a relaxing, uplifting, and powerful experience - it comes from within through your physical body. Use the time on your mat to let go of stress, to-do's and shoulds and allow yourself to be fully present."  

In Talaya's class you're sure to hear some songs you can hum or sing along to while standing or lying powerfully in your practice. She is inspired by her students strength and commitment - and by her husband and two year old daughter!


Max Hannemann - Instructor

Max is from Laie, Hawaii and a proud graduate of Kahuku High School on Oahu’s beautiful North Shore. Growing up with 9 brothers and 2 sisters, Max was always involved in all types of sports. He started to attend Yoga Sculpt classes at CorePower Yoga in 2012 and instantly fell in love with the practice and all the benefits it provided his mind, body and spirit. In the spring of 2015, Max enthusiastically took his journey to the next level by completing his Sculpt Teacher Training followed by the Extensions Program. 

Max is excited to share these great benefits of yoga to empower others to find their balance in life. Max has a bachelor’s degree in International Business Management from Brigham Young University, Hawaii Campus and a Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. In his free time, Max enjoys spending time with his wife and their 2 children. 

Alana Wegel - Instructor

Alana is a fun-loving, adventure-seeking, grateful-hearted gal who simply aims to inspire the joy of existence in others. Originally from New Jersey, Alana’s sense of wonder and love of exploration has kept her moving. She has lived in Boulder, Colorado where she earned her Bachelor’s degree and first 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification, Australia where she caught the surf stoke, and in Venice Beach and San Diego, California. She happily made her most recent home on Oahu five years ago. She has been teaching on the island since she arrived, and feels blessed to be part of such a vibrant and positive community of yogi’s.            

Alana has been dancing since she could walk, and is always seeking ouf new ways to fuse her passions together. She was certified in Zumba and Shakti Flow in 2016. Her love of yoga, music, dance, and Hawaii’s astounding landscapes makes Silent Disco Yoga quite an irresistible practice! Alana also teaches SUP Yoga at the Kahala Resort 5 days a week, along with weekly classes and seasonal teacher trainings at CorePower Yoga in Kahala and Kaka’ako. Above all, she strives to create a safe and playful space for all students to feel liberated- not only in their skin, but in their spirit!

"Think less, Feel More!!" 

Whitney Pi'ilani - Instructor

Yoga asks us to tap into the dark corners of our mind and allow light to burst through. Whitney's teaching path began in 2013. Encouraged by her Bikram instructor, she became a 200 RYT(Registered Yoga Teacher) through CorePower Yoga. On her path towards healing, health and purpose, Whitney is a apprenticing RMT(Registered Massage Therapist) and Reiki energy healer.
For her, teaching is witnessing. A commitment to observing the very present moment. With that comes creative vinyasa sequencing, rooted in breath and anatomic articulations. This breath that unites us all as one.

As she feeds her passion to be a vehicle of Universal healing energy, Whitney creates a space for the collective while guiding the individual through their personal transformation, breaking the chains that bind, observing the fluctuations of the mind, on their unique path to their highest self. To be able to share her passion for yoga and mind body wellness, teaching and body work has been one of her life's greatest gifts. Whitney inspires change and growth in her daily life. She is always seeking to learn more from others so that she may learn more about herself. She can only hope to inspire others like her family, friends and teachers continue to inspire her. Join Whitney on your mats. With Aloha!

Om shanti shanti shanti


Suzanne Sasaki - Bilingual Japanese Instructor

Suzanne began her yoga journey 13 years ago as a means to get back into shape post-partum. While she was a dedicated Bikram student for many years, nothing turned on the urge to share her practice than Vinyasa yoga.  Her Power Yoga and Sculpt classes at CorePower Yoga aim not only to strengthen and energize the body-plus-mind, but also to be an hour of receiving the highest form of energy through collective breath and movement.  “Please take this feeling and share it generously,” she says at the end of class, a reminder that yoga has the power to build an abundance of strength, love, energy, and calm within, which easily has a ripple effect off the mat.  Suzanne looks serious in pictures, but her classes are far from square.  Her challenging and rhythmic sequences are intended to make you sweat, soften, learn, and giggle (often).  You can also join her for a weekly bilingual Japanese Power Flow class at Ohana Space Yoga.  

日本で生まれ育ち、大学入学を機に渡米。第二児出産後、減量と運動を目標にビクラムヨガを始める。ヨガの道を10年辿り、ヴィニヤサ・スタイルに出会う。体を均等に動かし、呼吸と動きを統一させる、踊りの様な流れに魅了され、より多くの人にその喜びを感じてもらいたい為にヨガ指導者になる。心身ともに強くなるのはもちろんのこと、一時間のクラスで得られるエネルギーと爽快感は想像以上。クラスの終わりに彼女は必ず言う、「今の穏やかな気持ちが続きます様に、そして、心に溢れるエネルギーを周りの方々となるべくシェアしましょう。」一見真剣そうだが、意外と気取らない、ひょうきんなのが本質。ヨガは力強く、チャレンジに満ちていて、なおかつ笑わせてくれる彼女は、頭も体もスッキリさせてくれるはず。本スタジオはCorePower Yoga, パワーヨガと、ダンベルを使う人気ヨガ「スカルプト」を担当、Ohana Space Yoga では日英バイリンガルのパワーヨガを教える。