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Meditation Techniques

Meditation is a technique invented by ancient Indian sages who practiced meditation in order to find peace. It is a very useful technique to relieve stress of your day to day life and it has increasingly become popular all over the world as people are often stressed out and they need ways to reduce the stress and that is why they are opting meditation as the cure. Meditation is still practiced widely in the monasteries located in the Himalayas where Buddhist monks and lamas practice meditation in large scale and try to find “Moksha” which is the Buddhist concept for…

Amazing Benefits Of Yoga

When I decided to start doing yoga, it was merely for it’s physical benefits. I knew it would make me stronger, more flexible, and give me a nicely toned booty and abs. But what I know now about the practice of yoga is that it’s more of a spiritual quest rather than a physical one.

Car Yoga – Relax Your Road Rage

Come to peace with your frustrated self and make your environment a better place for everyone. When in doubt – Yoga out!

The Good and Bad of Bhastrika Pranayama

Although there are many advantages to Bhastrika Pranayama, it is not for everyone. Practitioners with high blood pressure or cardiac problems should avoid this exercise. If the temperature is high, such as during the summer or in an overheated room, this kind of breathing should be limited to two minutes, rather than five.

Don’t Be a Shmogi, Taking Yoga Back

I have good news and bad news. I’ll start with the bad news. There has been an attempt to hijack, kidnap yoga. And now the good news, you can take it back.

Amazing Yoga Regime

Yoga is an incredible thing to learn how to do. It can greatly aid you in your weight loss journey and help you keep focused on your weight loss goals. Having a yoga morning regime has many excellent benefits.

Yoga for Weight Loss – Tips to Get the Results You Want

In most cases, yoga is not the single answer to a weight problem. You need to burn off more calories you consume on a daily basis over a long period of time. As soon as you start taking in more calories than you consume on a routine basis, you start to pack the weight back on.

How to Measure Progress in Yoga Practice

Overall, the ability to measure progress in Yoga practice is something that students and teachers can keep track of, although the results are not often readily seen. Instead, they can be felt and expressed in other ways, not just physically.

Yoga Poses for Relieving Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Nerve compression starting in the neck and going all the way down through the wrists and hands is the primary cause of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. There are several Yoga poses that help to relieve nerve and joint compression thereby relieving pain and increasing flexibility. Two of the most effective Yoga poses for relieving the symptoms of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome are…

Practice Yoga at Home

Yoga moves can be practiced at home as well. You do not need a special class or place to practice yoga.

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