15 Min Breathing Meditation For Stress Relief

Ancient Yoga Mantras

From the time that the West uncovered eastern religious thought, folks have been intrigued by the magical, marvelous, and torturously hard to get at, yoga mantras. The actual probable base for modern day yoga is found with Patanjali, who wrote his Yoga Sutras sometime in the 2nd or 3rd century of the Common Era. In the famous composition, he explains eight limbs of yoga, which ought to be practiced all together by a practitioner, who is called a yogi.

Mudra Yoga for Sexual Partners

Throughout Mudra Yoga, you will find two words for the different postures a yogi takes on. The initial position is call asana, which basically means resting. In Sanskrit, a throne or any type of seat is also called an asana. For that reason, setting your body in motion to get into diverse bodily stations mimics a seat, either for your body physically or for your soul, or self. On the other hand, postures may be known as mudras because they entail great mental focus as well as physical prowess. One interesting kind of Mudra Yoga is sexual Mudra Yoga, exactly where the life powers sealed inside our body are released and bring about intense connectivity with a partner. Appropriately utilized, specific varieties of mudras meant to gratify an entangled couple can encourage happiness and good sexual health.

How Can I Benefit From Yoga Classes?

Yoga classes provide the benefit of good mental and physical well-being. Attending professional yoga classes is better than trying to learn by yourself.

Teaching Yoga: General Student Safety Precautions

Yoga is considered healing for injuries, but that does not mean the potential for damage does not exist. Accidents and injuries are possible in every Yoga class, and instructors must be aware and take steps to minimize these problems.

Certain Yoga Poses Can Boost Your Brain Power

Baby boomers are aging and many fear becoming less sharp mentally in their later years. Tips and techniques to keep your brain sharp abound and certain yoga poses are especially helpful in this.

Yoga for ADD/ADHD

Is yoga for attention deficit disorders a sensible solution? ADD and ADHD are on the rise, and experts fail to agree on a reason as to why this is. Whatever the cause, the fact remains that having a complete inability to focus is a major problem throughout life.

Rewards of Chakra Meditation in Yoga Class

Chakra meditation is much like any other meditation, but concentration is placed individually on each chakra, starting with the root and moving upward. Usually three to four minutes are spent on each, but the meditation practitioner may intuitively know that longer is needed on one or more chakras.

Yoga Music – The Pros and Cons

Yogic music can be exhilarating, uplifting, inspiring, or gentle and soothing. There are advantages and disadvantages to listening to music during your own Yoga practice or while teaching a Yoga class. Some types of music, such as rock and roll or rhythm and blues, may invigorate your practice or class or may become a distraction to the dharana or one-pointed focus of the practice.

Yoga for Men’s Health

Outside of India, Yoga for men’s health is a new concept, but medical and scientific studies are breaking new ground with results, which reveal a Yogic lifestyle yields many benefits for both genders. A regular practice of Yoga can support and enhance a man’s physical and emotional health, while bringing about a state of well-being.

What Should A Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Know?

Vinyasa Yoga relies on coordination of breath and movement to transform into sequences. This type of Yoga is more intense as it incorporates dance-like moves with traditional Hatha Yoga. The sequences are progressively challenging. Younger people are more attracted to this type of Yoga as it combines cardio training with the benefits of traditional Hatha.

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