15 min Sunday Morning Full Body Yin Yoga – DAY 7

Chair Yoga for Social Interaction

Many people think Yoga in a chair is specifically designed for seniors. While chair Yoga is popular among seniors, it must be remembered that lack of mobility or flexibility are the primary reasons why students come to our classes. Automobile accidents, sudden trauma, and neurological disorders also top the many reasons why someone may be using a chair as the main prop in a Yoga class.

Teaching Yoga for Arm Strength and Shape

When teaching new yoga students, make them aware that for a beginning position with a greater strength component, look no further than the plank. It is a basic push-up position and an intense workout for all the muscles of the arms. At the advanced end of the scale, there are many positions based on headstands that not only require lots of balance and flexibility but also support most or all of the body’s weight on the arms.

Health Benefits of Yoga for the Over 50 Crowd

Yoga is considered by many to be an incredible tool for combating the concerns of a society society aging more each day. Yoga benefits your health in more ways than you would have ever thought.

Yoga For Weight Loss: Doing The Chair Pose

Some yoga poses can help you to lose weight as you tone your body. Learn how to do one such pose, known as the chair pose.

Yoga For Beginners: Doing the Plank Pose

In yoga, the plank pose is designed to strengthen your arm muscles and abdominal muscles. Follow these instructions on how to position yourself into the plank pose.

Yoga For Beginners: Doing The Cobra Pose

Yoga practitioners who wish to stretch their back muscles can benefit from doing the cobra pose. Read on for information on how to properly get into cobra position during a yoga session.

Surrendering to a Yoga Posture

When leading classes, yoga instructors often guide students toward “surrendering into a pose,” but what do we really mean? A lot of the focus on yoga, around the world, highlights the physical benefits available to its practitioners. Modern versions of vinyasa practice include an aerobic style of yoga that encourages challenging poses and cardiovascular fitness.

Yoga For Beginners: Doing The Cat Pose

The cat pose is a yoga pose that involves arching the back. Learn more about how to do the cat pose and the health benefits that it offers.

Yoga and Vegetarianism

Yoga and vegetarianism are forever linked together. But what exactly does yoga philosophy say about eating meat and animal products? This article explains in detail the link between yoga and vegetarianism.

5 Ways Hot Yoga Accentuates a Healthy Lifestyle

All types of yoga classes are designed to challenge students, and instructors make individual recommendations for taking poses to the next level when the body is ready. Practicing in a heated room makes it easier to change poses and flex the body more because the warmth conditions the joints to make these asanas possible.

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