15 min Thursday Morning Yoga for Balance – DAY 4

The Attraction of Hot Yoga

Hot yoga studios have recently begun springing up all over the world. This recent trend in yoga might seem puzzling to some who suffer through humid summers and working outdoors, but practitioners swear by it. The idea behind yoga in a heated room is that the body is more flexible when it is already warm, an idea substantiated by the millions of athletes who begin their practices or games by warming up.

Yoga and the Four Gateways of Speech: Is It Kind?

In terms of teaching Yoga, you may find yourself in a position where you must judge whether or not it is in a student’s best interest to critique his or her Yoga practice. This could be relevant to a student’s attitude towards Yoga overall or specific only to his or her practice of one of two asanas.

Taking Yoga Beyond the Body

When life creates an opportunity to take yoga off the mat, how does one rise to the occasion? Life can be about flow, ease and grace if we welcome them, or we can attract the polar opposite if we are disconnected with our true, authentic self. Early on in my yoga pursuit, I had little tolerance for weaklings. I submitted my body and mind through increasingly challenging practice, chasing for an external appearance of a god and an inner discipline of a martyr. I’ve come to realize that being human is just fine, and it’s the blind chase for a synthetic ideal that does more harm than good.

How to Teach Yoga Relaxation Techniques to Children

Yoga Journal points out that the details of how to do that differ with the child’s age. For children less than eight years of age, place them in Corpse Pose. Ask them to feel larger parts of the body, since most children don’t know individual body parts yet. You can ask them to make their legs feel tense for 5-10 seconds, and then release them.

How to Plan an Asana Sequence for Yoga Class

As is widely known, some styles require little planning and preparation on behalf of the yoga instructor. These styles have preset lesson plans that do not change. They usually practice the same asana sequence, pranayama, and meditation in every class. Other styles allow the yoga teacher some freedom to sequence an asana series and make decisions about what else to include.

Teaching Yoga for Biking Enthusiasts

Yoga teacher training courses prepare you to help students develop balanced bodies. Biking is a great activity, but enthusiasts really need to practice Hatha Yoga. With growing interest in healthy living and eco-friendly lifestyles, biking has become one of the top two outdoor activities around the world. In spite of its benefits, it is, nevertheless, a relatively one-dimensional sport that taxes the upper body and hips, leaving muscles tight and strained if core strength is lacking.

Battle Stiff Arteries With Yoga and Pilates

This article talks about ways to battle stiff arteries. It showcases the relation between flexibility and arteries. It also talks about how practicing yoga and pilates can make a difference.

Take a Five-Minute Break!

Getting up and walking around for a few minutes can help, but what can help even more is a yoga break. Most people envision yoga as an all or nothing, flat on a mat or twisted into odd positions time eater. But it doesn’t have to be.

A Postnatal Yoga Routine: A Quicker Way for Mental and Physical Recovery

Pregnancy and childbirth can wreak havoc on a woman’s body. You may think that you will never get your pre-pregnancy body back during the weeks and months following the birth of your new baby. Your abdominal muscles feel as if they can’t be stretched any further, you may be recovering from physical exhaustion due to a lengthy labor, your whole body may feel tight and unwilling to move like it once did, and you might feel as if the body you once new is now foreign to you.

Is Yoga Safe?

It was a big week in the yoga world last week when a very smart author decided to write a provocative article on yoga so that the attention on the article would help him sell his book. And his marketing plan worked really well for him.

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