15 Minute Guided Breath Meditation To Calm The Mind And Body

15 Minute Guided Breath Meditation To Calm The Mind And Body…
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The second in our series of 15 min videos with TJ is on meditation. This helps with anxiety relief, full-body relaxation and is the best stress relief for meditation beginners.

The Therapeutic Benefits of Yoga Props

Props are ideal for the practice of restorative Yoga, as they can aid the elderly and people with joint problems, pregnant women, heavy people and people with muscle weakness. Yoga exercises that open up the chest area are ideal for people with breathing difficulties and heart problems, as it promotes blood flow and lung capacity, and people with such problems can benefit greatly from the help of props.

How to Do Safe Yoga – 2

May I point out a few telling differences between the Eastern philosophy and the Western one to prove my point? East is more laid back, takes it easy, accepts things as they come, some more fatalistic than the others, ideally tuned to discipline, method and old traditions. The western world is more dynamic, hectic, ‘just do it’ philosophy, is ready to plunge in and generally goes gung-ho with anything new. That is the bane of all troubles and when the same attitude is applied in first-time yoga you are bound to be hurt. Sorry but that is the blunt and honest truth.

Yoga Is Not Just For Gurus!

Yoga should be fun and not boring. Yoga with movement helps the body’s awareness to avoid and overcome injury.

Safe Yoga Asanas for Fit Seniors

For healthy and fit seniors, who do not have any limiting medical or physical issues, maintenance is a priority. Fit seniors still face the typical joint problems and must work at maintaining or increasing muscle mass. Yoga can be a safe way to maintain a high level of fitness and take care of one’s skeletal health. Hatha Yoga is a low-risk method to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, and improve breathing capacity, which addresses the needs of all adults.

Using Viveka to Work With the Shreyas and Preyas

Viveka is the ability of human discernment and discrimination. It is one of the core psycho-spiritual skills necessary for obtaining liberation from the bondage of maya. Maya is a Sanskrit term that refers to the temporary and illusory nature of this physical world. Using our divinely given power of viveka, to determine what is pleasurable from what is beneficial, helps us to align our lives with the highest principles of spiritual beauty.

An Introduction to the Preyas

If you consider the role of preyas in a Yoga asana practice, your awareness of your moment-to-moment choice of what is pleasurable over what is beneficial will become quite apparent. Take the example of the practice of the series of Warrior Poses. Do you bend your extended knee to a ninety-degree angle, or do you “fudge” a little bit and only bend your knee to a seventy-five degree angle?

15 Minute Guided Breath Meditation To Calm The Mind And Body

Imagine a world where children aim all of their pent-up energy toward something positive. What if children could learn to breathe and focus when life gets stressful? What if they could become so attuned to their own bodies that they respect and honor their selves above all else? Perhaps, we don’t give children enough credit for the things they are capable of achieving. Children, who practice Yoga, are learning these important lessons, while at the same time developing strong and flexible bodies. In fact, studies on children and Yoga have also shown that children’s academic performance is affected positively.

Yoga Techniques for Happiness

Here is another Yogic technique for happiness, but it is much more energetic. We all strive to find happiness and balance in our lives. It seems like some people have found that magic key to a peaceful, grateful life, while others keep searching to find a happiness that seems unreachable.

Pilates Vs Yoga: What’s the Difference?

Pilates and yoga are the most commonly practised fitness workouts. They are both considered to be mind-body exercises. They require the right balance of the mind, correct postures and concentrated breathing to enjoy all the benefits they have to offer.

Ashtanga Yoga: The Power Yoga

Ashtanga yoga is also known as power yoga. This is one of the ancient and truest form of yoga which is still in existence. The word Ashtanga in Sanskrit means the ‘eight limbs’.

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