15 Minute Short Deep Breathing Exercises | (Pranayama) Elevate Your Life Energy

Welcome to our short 15 Min breathing meditation where TJ focus’s on how deep breathing and relaxation exercises can help reduce anxiety, stress, fatigue, restlessness, difficulty sleeping and physical discomfort. (Pranayama)
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By focusing on our breath techniques and letting our thoughts not control us we can achieve a state of deep calm – something directly linked to many health benefits related to the heart, body and mind

It very quickly helps you relax your nervous system, connect with your breath and sink into a deep inner stillness beneath the breath.

Sometimes when people have a panic attack they tend to focus on inhaling and trying to get in even more air when their lungs are full, with an exercise like this we focus on extending the exhale to help us calm down and breathe normally.

The key to the practice is being mindful of the breath when it wanders to stresses and worries.

We hope this short exercise helps to make your day less stressful and more fulfilling..

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Practice Yoga to Raise Metabolism by Lowering Stress Levels

Practicing yoga is a well known method for releasing stress. Lowering chronically high levels of stress in your life will help you to speed up your metabolism, have more energy, increase the functioning of your immune system and sleep better. Cortisol is one of the main hormones found in the human body that revs the body up under internally or externally stressful situations. It is known as the flight-or-fight hormone. The release of cortisol can give you a quick burst of energy and enhanced mental ability.

Peacock Pose Yoga

Peacock pose is an advanced yoga pose that confers strong, detoxifying effects on the health of digestive system and relieves the symptoms of edema and stomach ulcer. Incorporate this pose into your workout routine on a regular basis to improve strength, flexibility and balance.

Personal Mantra – Helping Mind and Mood

Not only classical Yogic Mantras are used for spiritual benefit but prayers, sounds and sacred words of special significance to the individual. Classical mantras are time proven and a sure basis but also it is helpful to focus your own so that you are entirely comfortable in your personal efforts to programme your own mind.

Different Types of Yoga That Suits Your Needs

Yoga has been gaining popularity nowadays and many people are already considering the practice of yoga due to its health benefits. Are you one of the people who are having a hard time figuring out what kind of yoga that suits your needs and health condition? In this article, I will discuss to you various types of the exercise as well as their role in your health.

Enhancing Intelligence With Kids Yoga Stories

In the last decade, studies have been conducted that look into the benefits of Yoga; and several have concluded that with regard to children, consistent Yoga practice is linked to improved academic performance, decreased misbehavior, greater physical fitness, and better overall health. It must also be noted that Yoga can help enhance children’s intelligence. Due to the fact that inversion poses improve blood flow to the brain and change the way a practitioner sees the world while practicing, they stretch and stimulate the mind.

Is There a Difference Between Power and Vinyasa Yoga?

The way that the term “Vinyasa” is used can contribute to confusion surrounding the difference between Power and Vinyasa Yoga. Vinyasa can be used to refer to two different Yoga practices. First, it can reference a generic practice of Yoga that links movement to breath. In this category, the Yoga practice is usually focused on flow and movement, within poses, and in pose transitions.

Can Kids Yoga Improve Listening Skills?

Yoga can impact kids in a number of positive ways. Yoga teaches kids how to control their bodies, how to channel energy and how to handle emotions, in positive ways. Children who practice Yoga are strong and flexible, but they also receive some cognitive benefits. Yoga improves kids’ concentration, focus, and listening skills. A kids Yoga class provides many opportunities for children to listen.

Storytelling and Family Yoga

Practicing Yoga can be difficult with toddlers around; but as children grow older, adults can turn their Yoga sessions into a family affair. Since family Yoga can benefit young and old bodies alike, practicing together can engender both improved physical fitness and some beautiful moments of bonding and relationship building.

Teaching Yoga: Become an Example of Tolerance

The foundation of Yoga rests upon acceptance of one’s self, as well as others. Yoga instructors have an obligation to students to model tolerant behavior at all times. Tolerance, in the classroom, means accepting all of your students as they are. It means helping your students overcome barriers, both physical and mental.

15 Minute Short Deep Breathing Exercises

When you are teaching a Yoga class for kids, it’s important to be ready to interact with the parents, as well as the children. If Yoga is a new activity for some, the parents are sure to have questions and concerns about what Yoga is, how it’s taught, and what they can expect their kids to experience during each class. If the parents have little experience with the practice and philosophies of Yoga, they probably have a few preconceived notions about Yoga. It is your job as a Yoga instructor to provide a positive experience for both the children and their parents.

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