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How To Become A Certified Yoga Instructor

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a certified yoga instructor? Would you like to learn what it takes to become a yoga teacher and build a successful career in teaching people yoga? As our global economy starts to shift and health issues continue to rise, more people are starting to look towards other healthier lifestyles. One of the most exciting industries right now is yoga. Yoga studios are popping up more and more because Americans are learning how this ancient practice can improve their health.

Group Dynamics in Yoga

For Yoga teachers, building an excellent group dynamic can involve extra effort, but the emotional payoff from an energy-filled practice and the increased dedication of practitioners is definitely worth it. Although solo practice is rewarding, a Yoga class can collectively gain so much more.

Teaching Yoga and Motivating Students

Teaching Yoga, and maintaining student interest, is an art form. Although the benefits of Yoga are indisputable, it is not unusual for students to become discouraged, or bored, every now and then. Whether progress has reached a plateau, or personal problems make getting to class more difficult, it sometimes becomes difficult to maintain one’s level of motivation. With a little persistence, and the help of a well-trained instructor, the problem is usually short lived and easily remedied. There are, however, a few things for both Yoga teachers and students to consider when the doldrums strike.

Best Yoga Breathing Technique for Meditation

There are many breathing techniques that are part of pranayama and each serves a different purpose in the overall practice of yoga. While all breathing helps to bring in clean oxygen, expanding the lungs, and to eliminate the toxins in the body as it expels carbon dioxide, pranayama is designed to bring balance between the two.

3 Reasons You Should Use Yoga For Weight Loss

Yoga is the perfect exercise form for weight loss. Read this article to find three critical reasons why you should be using Yoga to lose all of those extra pounds.

Yoga Asana Techniques for Lower Back Pain

Several Yoga asanas are especially helpful for lower back pain; caution should be exercised when beginning these postures if the back is already compromised. Take care not to overextend or force any stretches. Inversions have long been considered helpful for spinal decompression, but many students do not feel comfortable in more advanced inversions.

Yoga Sequence for High Blood Pressure

Lifestyle management is one of the primary keys to prevention and management, and a Yoga practice can be the key to making important changes. Genetics is also a major factor in the cause of high blood pressure (HBP). While lifestyle can be a family culture, it is also possible for…

Yoga Techniques for Neck Problems

Yoga techniques for neck pain can be a “life saver.” Pain is a very serious negative distraction and distractions get in the way of living life to the fullest. Life is far too short to have negative things like back or neck pain, taking attention away from your free time. Yoga may be used to counter and correct both chronic and short-term neck problems.

Yoga for Children – What to Expect

The benefits of yoga for children are endless. Every child should know how to “be.” We figure this is an innate quality of children everywhere and for the large part it is; if you want to become grounded in the present moment just spend some time with a child. Everything for them is in this present moment and that is part of their essential sweetness and perception.

Yoga for Children With Asthma

Gentle breathing exercises and postures that are held give children with asthma a strong sense of empowerment, as they gain muscular strength, coordination, flexibility, and self-confidence. Children need to socialize with other children in a nurturing environment. For these reasons, yoga for children with asthma makes perfect sense.

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