3 Ways To Get Into Headstand! #Shorts

Yoga for Leukemia Patients

Like Yoga for cancer in general, Yoga can provide physical and emotional support for those with leukemia specifically. A study with 410 participants, highlighted at the 2010 American Society of Clinical Oncology’s annual meeting, demonstrated that Yoga stretching and breathing exercises reduced dependence on sedatives, improved sleep, and helped cancer patients resume the routine activities of everyday life.

Yoga For Busy Women – Eight Easy Chair Yoga Poses For Relaxation And A Quick Energy Boost

As a working mother your time is precious. Chair yoga is an excellent way for busy mums and women working from home to fit a simple yoga lesson into your hectic schedule. In this article I want to share with you eight easy chair yoga stretches you can do at home or at work whenever you feel tired, frazzled and need a quick energy boost of to get through your day.

What Is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha yoga is a system of yoga that focuses on the union of prana and mind to attain a state of spiritual perfection. This article explains which physical, mental, preventative, and therapeutic benefits gives you Hatha Yoga.

What To Consider When Doing Yoga During Pregnancy?

If you are pregnant or planning a child, don’t think you cannot practice yoga. But remember that not all yoga asanas are meant for pregnant women. This article explains which asanas are not meant for pregnant women.

Yoga Improves Calm Heartbeat and Cuts Anxiety

Apart from being an effective means of lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, the ancient art of yoga is being hailed as a fantastic way to slow erratic heartbeat and restore it to its normal rhythm. US researchers found that the practice of yogic exercises not only helps reduce episodes of irregular heartbeat but also lifts depression and anxiety in people ailing from the condition. According to experts, a racing and skipping heart is a signal of a heart rhythm abnormality – atrial fibrillation (AF), which not only reduces the amount of blood pumped with each heartbeat but…

Yoga and Leaving the Past Behind

Yoga teachers constantly remind their students to live in the present moment. As Yoga practitioners, we learn to focus on the present, while the future twists, and turns, in front of us. By focusing on the present, the details of the future may become an optimist’s dream. Yet, how do we deal with our past?

The Value of Yogic Relaxation Techniques

Yogic relaxation resembles sleep, but the conscious mind maintains a state of awareness that is responsive to suggestions – much like the stage between sleep and wakefulness. During this time, negative energy is released, and the mind is susceptible to new beliefs and ideas. This is the time when the seeds for deep-rooted changes are planted.

The Drama of Dharma: The Yogic Training of Duty, Action and Freedom

It’s two days after the Balinese holy day of Galungan, which celebrates the victory of dharma (virtue, right action) over adharma (evil, chaos). In astrology, Saturn best represents the concept of dharma, a principal of primary importance to the yogi.

Advantages of Flow Yoga

The term “flow Yoga” is an abbreviated form of the phrase “Vinyasa Flow Yoga.” This form of Yoga is based on movements synchronized with breath. The word ‘flow’ refers to the way the poses are strung together gracefully, and how the Yoga practitioner moves with each breath, while the sequence of movements come together like a dance.

Inner Peace With Yogic Breath Awareness

In Yoga, there are many paths to inner peace. The one path most often taken for granted is pranayama. Many people assume pranayama is just breathing, but it can stand alone as a science and a path toward inner peace. The difference between simply breathing and pranayama is vast.

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