30 min RECLINED Yin Yoga – Deep Relaxation & Stretches

Kapaal Bhaati: A Great Breathing Practice!

Kapaal Bhaati is easiest, most effective and least harmful of all cleansing techniques. You do not have to use any chords or liquids unlike other techniques to cleanse your system. All you have to do is to exhale out carefully. Your entire attention goes to exhalation whereas inhalation takes place on its own. As you exhale your stomach contracts and your belly region goes in. This process cleanses your body and mind by purging out toxins through breath and skin excretions.

Yoga Health Benefits: Simply Amazing!

People start doing yoga for many different reasons, maybe to alleviate back pain, to become stronger or more flexible or to feel more relaxed and to improve their body. The health benefits of yoga range from weight loss to increased focus and concentration.

Leg Pain? Yoga Has The Answer

It is common to have cramps and pains in the legs particularly for sedentary people. Those who sit or stand for much of the day without much movement can see circulation in the legs weakening, legs becoming stiff, with the gradual loss of muscle tone.

Will Yoga Help Ease Back Pain? Part 3

For decades, many drugs and treatment modes have been formulated to fight back pain, and countless muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory drugs have been marketed as the major cure for a painful back. A lot of back pain sufferers have also been known to just stay put, and endure the pain brought about by this ailment, either because of ignorance or fear.

Hot Yoga: Connecting Heat and Pain Relief

One of the most mysterious characteristics of pain is its ability to resolve under the right conditions. In the realm of yoga, it is generally understood that there is no one practice that is right for everybody.

Modern Versus Traditional Yoga

An article looking at the development of “modern” yoga classes which are abandoning the spiritual and the mental elements and focusing on entirely on the physical. The headline posed what seems like a simple question. Is this still yoga?

Yoga Teacher Training – Importance of Feeding Back With Feedback

We do not become yoga teachers just by taking yoga teacher training or getting yoga teaching certification. Being a good yoga teacher is more than knowing the body, postures and giving instructions to students.

The Main Difference Between Yoga Studios And Gyms

Which is better, yoga studios or gyms having yoga? Well the answer will depend on whatever you truly cherish with regards to your yoga encounter.

Back Pain? Yoga Has The Answer

Pain and discomfort in the back and spine are amongst the most common complaints heard by doctors. These problems can be resolved with yoga, which can make a noticeable difference in just a few weeks.

Bikram Yoga Is a Perfect Complement to Fitness Classes

Bikram Yoga is known by other names such as Hot Yoga or the Bikram Method and is derived from Hatha Yoga. This is a healing style of yoga that is designed to help with the recovery of the body as well as the mind, and there are a large number of people who are very enthused about what it can do for them. Many swear by this method of recuperating from conditions ranging from shingles to alcoholism and many more. Many people claim that after mastering the basic techniques their entire lives have changed.

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