30 min Yoga for Flexibility – DEEP STRETCH VINYASA

Yoga – A Unification of a Human and His Environment

Yoga offers a union of body, mind, and soul. Various poses and postures (known as – Asanas) in Yoga, help you in attaining flexibility and youthfulness. Yoga caress and respects your body and gives you a healthy mind and a healthy soul along with a healthy body.

Yoga Instructor Training: The Blues

How do you help a yoga student who comes into a private session or a class with the blues? No matter how many books and videos you go over, there may not be a yoga teacher training cross referencing resource for helping students with the blues. What are the blues? This is a state of mind, which is best described as a mild form of depression.

Yoga Instructor Training: Objectives

Some people think objectives and goals aren’t Yogic. To those people I say: “Wake up!” Is there anyone alive who never had goals? If you took a yoga teacher training course, you had goals! If you find this person without goals, he or she would be the human embodiment of a sloth. Who thinks laziness is Yogic? If you find that person, ask him or her to read before spreading more disinformation. We know that Patanjali had goals because he completed the Yoga Sutras. My guess is his life was filled with objectives.

Yoga Teacher Training: Shoulders

It’s important that anatomy be covered within every yoga teacher training course. If there is so much emphasis on asana in physical styles of yoga, it would be natural for yoga instructors to know exactly how the body works, its limitations and how to modify asanas for people with ailments.

Yoga Instructor Training: Pranayama

Although asana may be the number one priority in many yoga teacher training courses, one’s health depends on more than firm muscles. Our breath keeps us alive and if we can improve it, there is potential to live a longer and better quality life. Yoga instructors should make students aware of the connection between pranayama and complete health.

Teaching Yoga: Weightlifting

Some hatha yoga teachers strongly advise against weight lifting. When asked for a concrete explanation of why weight resistance would be harmful to yoga practitioners, I have yet to find a valid reason why a practitioners can’t enjoy the best of both worlds. From a physical point of view, both methods are a perfect cross training combination. If you are a yoga instructor, you are morally obligated to give your students the facts.

How to Become a Yoga Instructor: Elbows

Sometimes, students have joint problems and Yoga instructors find solutions to work around an injury. The point is to take a whole body viewpoint, because Hatha Yoga works on the entire being. Some of the asanas are for specific injuries, prevention, and different stages of recovery. At the same time, modification and the use of props are extremely important.

Teaching Yoga to Pregnant Students

One point I want to mention right away: Pregnant students should be in a specialized class with a teacher who has successfully completed a prenatal yoga teacher training course. This is the reason why so many yoga classes begin with health warnings concerning pregnancy. You have the right to refuse to teach any person who is putting their health at risk.

Teaching Chair Yoga Classes

Chair yoga is a wonderful alternative for students who have trouble with mobility or balance. They can still gain many of the benefits of warm ups, asana practice, relaxation and breathing exercises, while staying on or near a chair for support. Instructing a yoga class that uses a chair as the main prop will be a change from a typical class of students with full range of motion capabilities. Yoga teachers must be careful to be sensitive to the needs of their students.

10 Tips for Living Radiantly Alive

The quality of life starts to improve by experiencing positive energy and harmony in our lives. Doing things we love, adding variety, passionate living, selfless love, ‘can-do’ attitude – all go a long way in making your life a truly delightful journey. Here are 10 tips for living radiantly alive each day of your life.

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