30 minute Yoga for Flexibility – DEEP STRETCH

How To Practice Injury Free in Your Yoga Class

In modern times, yoga has turned out to be extremely useful to promote mental and physical heath. One would find a number of yoga schools organizing classes and workshops to improve the practice. One must also bear in mind that the right attitude, dedication and discipline are some of the key secrets to go deeper into your practice. However, many times for students, their practice gets affected by injuries.

Hatha: Of Your Mind, Body and Higher Consciousness

Hatha yoga is your basic yoga regime consisting of all the physical postures including Iyengar, Ashtanga and Power yoga. Let us explore this particular yogic practice in a more nuanced fashion. Read on and stay informed.

A Few Fantastic Health Benefits of Yoga

There are so many of us who inevitably end up associating yoga with its “physical” attributes. In fact, they shy away from it simply thinking that yoga is strictly meant for the physically fit or the athletic ones. A highly erroneous notion. The concept is far from truth-very far! Yes, it’s a physical exercise.

A Little Bit of Yoga Stretches To Keep Things Moving While Working at the Computer

OK, not everyone gets to sit at their computer in New Zealand close to the ocean but sitting is sitting. So to counteract all that sitting at the computer which makes our mental function feel good about accomplishing cognitive stuff, we still have to take care of the poor old body – the physical function. Doing a few stretches can go a long way to keeping the body flexible, keeping the circulation moving, and keeping the mind from getting overtaxed with too much data.

How to Choose a School in India for Yoga Teacher Certification

Have you been practicing yoga for years now? Do you want to take your practice to the next level? Do you want to know more than what you already know? Do you want to embrace yoga as a profession?

Pregnancy Yoga Benefits: What You Should Know

Should you perform yoga when you’re pregnant? Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of exercising during pregnancy. You are scared because you’re not sure whether you want to “move your body much” during childbirth. What if an improper body movement ends up hurting your baby? What if you’re hurt while doing those stretches?

Difference Between Yoga and Meditation

People think that the practices of Yoga and Meditation are the same. Hence, they use these two words interchangeably. In reality, Yoga is a super set and the Meditation is a subset under this. This essentially brings to focus the way meditation helps people to reach yoga state. This article walks the reader through the process so that he gets the clear picture about the two practices.

Understanding a 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

A yoga teacher training course is designed for yoga practitioners of all levels, looking forward to more profound practice. These courses are divided into different durations. An aspiring teacher can start off with a training program which lasts for 100 hours

Becoming a Yoga Teacher and More

It’s difficult to decide whether you are ready to take up yoga as a profession from being a regular learner or not. You might as well be practicing it for quite a few years now – but only as a learner – but for those who are absolutely in love with yoga there, does come a time when they try to decide whether they are ready to don the hat of a teacher or not. You might as well not be very confident but let us tell you that it is absolutely necessary to take the leap now because of not one but several reasons.

Live With Yoga

Yoga is a practice that helps us to plunge into the art of healthy living by revealed the fact that it is the true remedy for all ailments. It has helped mankind since time immemorial to maintain mind-body equilibrium.

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