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Should Kids Take Power Yoga Classes?

Experienced instructors differ as to whether children should take a power yoga class. While they acknowledge the benefits of flowing yoga for older kids, they believe that parents should be aware of certain risks inherent in these physical forms of yoga. At the same time, yoga instructors who are willing to teach a kid’s class also have responsibilities to their students to prevent injury and improve health.

Chair Yoga for Stroke Recovery

Patients recovering from a stroke can benefit from the gentle postures and breathing of yoga. Most standing yoga poses can easily be adapted, since stroke victims must remain in a sitting or lying position. As they gain strength and dexterity, they can stand next to or behind the chair for balance.

Yoga for Raising Peaceful Children

It is hard enough to remain calm and centered in our busy world, with time for children’s soccer schedules and homework competing against each other. Add to this, it is difficult for busy parents to be completely present for others. As children grow, there comes a time when children are more likely to listen to someone else. What better person for the role than a competent Yoga teacher?

Chair Yoga for Parkinson’s Disease

Yoga has been proven as an effective adjunct therapy for Parkinson’s patients. It helps patients regain motor coordination, control, flexibility, strength, and balance.

How Much Time Does It Take to Become a Yoga Teacher?

Most yoga teacher training programs offer two levels of classes: a 200 hour class and a 500 hour class. The 200 hour class is the basic course that all yoga instructors must pass, while the 500 hour class is available for ambitious, passionate and studious instructors looking to launch their careers to…

The Hard and Soft of Teaching Power Yoga

Power yoga is one of the most widely practiced forms of yogic practice in the world. This modernized version of Ashtanga or vinyasa yoga is meant to emphasis physical health while utilizing the powerful breathing synchronization that characterizes flowing schools of yoga. Coupled with quick moving asana series, breathing techniques work to train bodies in relaxation and letting go.

About Yoga for Diabetics

The most effective Yoga poses for diabetes treatment are those that gently compress the liver, stomach, pancreas and intestines. The gentle compression is helpful in stimulating each organ to function in the regulation of sugar levels in the body.

Yoga for Cross Training Young Athletes

Any well-rounded cross training program should include high-intensity cardiovascular work, strength training, stretching, and agility work. Athletes who are in training put a lot of strain on their bodies, which pushes them to the limits each and every day. If they neglect to stretch the muscles after working out, they run the risk of joint or muscle injuries. Yoga can provide that necessary balance within a cross training program.

Power of Breathing

This article talks about how yoga breathing techniques can benefit your body. It also touches on one of the breathing exercises, the 3-Part Breathe, and how it can help you to relax.

Yoga for Childbirth

Yoga becomes the perfect solution for women looking to strengthen their minds and bodies for the task of childbearing. Not only does its physical focus on balance, strength and flexibility make it the ideal fitness opportunity for growing bellies and changing bodies, but its mental and spiritual disciplines can develop breath control and power of will.

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