5 min Thursday Morning Affirmation Meditation – DAY 4

Who Are You Anyway?

Not so many months back I stepped foot into the corporate wellness center where I have been teaching yoga asana and meditation. The company is global and they have about 800 employees in this building alone.

Yoga Helps Maintain Good Mental Health

  Everyone is trying everything they can to improve their physique these days. From weight lifting to triathlons, it is starting to seem as though people think they need to beat themselves up to be in great shape. This is not so!

How Much Does It Cost To Become A Yoga Instructor?

The cost of becoming a yoga instructor varies by the school and the qualifications required of instructors. Becoming a yoga teacher in specialized schools like Bikram or Iyengar can cost much more than training for certifications at other schools.

About Hatha Yoga for Preventing Knee Injuries

To some practitioners, Hatha yoga is a terrific full-body workout, with thoughtful routines that will stretch and align all the major muscle groups. However, the expression “no pain, no gain” has no place at all in any yoga practice. If anything you do causes pain, stop immediately. The word for a yoga pose is “asana,” so even if the poses are not exactly easy, they should put your body at ease and not under stress or pain.

Teaching Yoga to Students With Parkinson’s Disease

Among our Yoga certification requirements should be and ethics agreement that should contain a message about ahimsa (non-harming). I’m sure most Yoga teacher training courses have a form similar to the ethics agreement that interns in my class signed. Ahimsa is so important that you can’t have compassion for others without it. When teaching Yoga students who have any neurological disorder, the instructor must show compassion.

How Yoga Teachers Can Attract More Men to Yoga Classes

In India Yoga participation by men is ideal. Sadly, in some parts of the world, we teach Yoga classes primarily to a female audience. While women still outnumber men in many western Yoga studios, there are signs that this wonderful practice is becoming more readily accepted by the opposite gender.

Yoga and Its Benefits – Is Yoga Exercise Really Good for You?

Yoga exercises provide endless benefits. Whether your goal is to lose weight, relieve stress, or to maintain healthier lifestyle, consider starting your day with yoga exercises.

Teaching Chair Yoga for Heart Health

The students are friendly, dedicated, and really see the benefits of steadily practicing yoga. To see therapeutic vinyasa flows in a chair wasn’t what I expected – at all. In fact, I had a preconceived notion that they would practice a few asanas, relaxation, pranayama and some relaxation. Instead, it was a full-blown class with an opening, centering, and some challenges. They laugh when doing Lion Face! I was hooked and took a chair yoga teacher training course.

Teaching Yoga Asanas to Runners

Many yoga instructors teach in a variety of locations, but it takes time to realize all of the possibilities of places where one could teach. When you learn how to become a yoga teacher, the head trainer’s emphasis is usually placed on technique. This is a very good policy, but many new graduates have no information about where to start Yoga classes.

Yoga Exercises – Where Do You Start?

Yoga can be part of your everyday life. It can be fun, it can be serious, it is for all ages, it is for all abilities. Let us start with the basic understanding of the concept of Yoga.

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