5 TIPS FOR DOING YOUR TECHNICAL YOGA ROUTINE: Embrace the body’s innate healing mechanisms

by Dana Brown

Tips for Using Technology in Your Yoga Routine

The world seems to be divided between two different types of people: those who travel at the speed of technology and those who disconnect to find inner peace and wisdom. For a time, these two worlds separated. Now, these different worlds seem to have finally collided.

Today, there are plenty of apps you can use on your phone to help you improve your yoga posture and balance, which can help you maintain productivity and well-being. Technology has embraced the ancient wisdom of yoga and is featured in small-sized videos that you can play from your mobile phone, anywhere, anytime.

Here are some of these apps (as well as some modern basic equipment) that will help you take your yoga practice to the next level, which Shelley M White offered you.

Yoga mats with technical knowledge

If you practice yoga at home without an instructor in the room, you will want to know a new product useful in the market called SmartMat. It’s a yoga mat with fiber-embedded sensors so you can get a reading from your smartphone that tells you if you’re in the right position. The carpet tracks and stores your progress through the app and can detect weight distribution using sensors. Through the app, you are instructed on how to place your feet to put yourself in the right posture in the right way.

Applications for yoga

If you find it helpful to get a SmartMat, you may also want to charge your smartphone with the latest apps. There are plenty of apps to teach yoga for both iPhone and Android devices. Some of the best yoga apps are PocketYoga, Yoga Studio and Daily Yoga. These apps allow you to keep track of your progress and learn new things along the way. In addition, with premium plans, you can connect with other yoga enthusiasts and join social groups to stay motivated.

Yoga straps

You won’t find computers or microchips embedded in yoga straps, but chances are. For now, though, yoga straps help improve your posture while increasing movement. In addition, they help to lengthen your stretch without hurting you.

Yoga towels

Gone are the days of an old cotton towel. Even in the towel business, technology is helping to improve the way people practice yoga. There are some on the market called skate-free towels like Manduka’s. These are designed to stay in place no matter what style of yoga you choose. Or you can choose to get a yoga towel made of microfibers, which are very absorbent and very soft.

Take your yoga to the next level

Technology is finding its way into almost every aspect of life. Even the toughest yoga instructors have a hard time keeping technology out of the picture. However, with so many breakthroughs with mats, apps and everything in between, it seems like the old world of yoga and the tech age are merging perfectly. For example, investing in a good pair of wireless headphones will allow you to stretch and rotate your body without the risk of getting stuck in your own cord! In today’s world, technology surrounds us. One of the goals of practicing yoga is to feel more connected to the things around you. So why not adopt technology to help you get in touch with your inner self?

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