What Is Thai Yoga Massage and How Does It Work?

Simply put, Thai Yoga Massage is a dynamic therapy that requires you to work with a trained therapist/masseur to release tension and energy in your body. It involves stretching positions that are similar to positions you use in regular yoga, but they are amplified and aided by a practitioner. Additional pressure is applied along the Sen Lines in the body as these positions are maintained.

How to Practice Yoga at Home

Practicing yoga in general will improve a person’s health, in addition to relaxing the mind from daily stress. Sometimes it is hard to commit to yoga because one might not be able to make daily practices to their local yoga clinic. With the internet on the rise, there are many resources containing helpful information on starting a yoga practice at home.

What Does Namaste Mean?

What does Namaste mean? Namaste! At the end of my first yoga class, coming out of Savasana (shah-VAH-sah-nah aka ‘Corpse Pose’), and a self induced coma of relaxation, I sat up and faced the teacher and the end of the yoga class.

Yoga Headbands: A Key Ingredient in De-Stressing Our Society

In today’s world stress is the number one culprit behind the psychological and medical challenges that our society is facing. There may not be one single solution when it comes to de-stressing our societies but a great place to start is yoga. A 2012 Yoga In America study by Yoga Journal cites that nearly 10% of Americans are now practicing yoga with a further 44% calling themselves “aspiring yogis”.

Go Organic for Your Yoga Clothing

Yoga is an ancient and spiritual art. It is not only about physically de-stressing but also about finding mental relief and balance. Yoga has a lot of exercises and poses which improve your physical and mental state, relieve stress, and even cure diseases like asthma.

Yoga for the Chakras

Hatha yoga poses have a strong connection to the chakras. By understanding how the poses relate to the chakras one can take their yoga practice to a more profound level.

The Effortless Workout Giving Your Body What It Needs With No Effort

Working out can be effortless with no pain misery or discomfort, this is for the people who want to feel good all the time and get the results of a workout with no physical effort. Learning how to simply relax on the floor and get the results of a workout effortlessly. This will give you the start to a hopefully life long workout routine, all with no effort.

The Serious Business of Teaching Yoga

A yoga teacher training is a wonderful way to immerse yourself fully in learning all aspects of yoga. There’s learning philosophy and the history of yoga, as well as dissecting each asana so you can feel it fully, learn all of its modifications or to feel it differently than you ever have before. But before you decide to become a yoga instructor, read this article.

7 Crucial Factors to Consider Before Becoming a Yoga Teacher

Deciding on a career path as a yoga instructor, like any career, is not an easy one. Being a yoga teacher has so many wonderful benefits, including the fact that you are helping people heal on so many levels: physically, mentally, and spiritually. There are many factors to consider, but before you make a decision, these seven key things will help you determine whether a yoga profession is suitable for you.

What Is Surya Namaskar?

Surya Namaskar is a warm up cardiovascular workout that is done prior to yoga asanas. Literally translated it is the Salutation to the Sun. A single round of Surya Namaskar consists of 12 powerful yoga asanas that provide a good cardiovascular workout.

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