Day 1 – Invite | BREATH – A 30 Day Yoga Journey

In-Flight Yoga Poses

It’s common to feel numb in your neck, knees, back, and feet especially when you on the plane for long hours. The good side is that there are yoga poses that you can do while in the plane so that you can reduce the numbness. Some of the poses that you can engage in include: Seated spinal twist Here you need to sit upright on your feet with your feet on the floor.

5 Yoga Methods for Improving Sleep

Yoga can help you a lot in taking enough good quality sleep thus keeping Insomnia miles away. In this article I talk about 6 yoga methods which can be followed easily to increase your hours of sound sleep.

How Yoga Helps During the Hard Times

Yoga can help a lot during the hard times of struggling too. In this article I talk about the 4 ways in which yoga helps me during the bad times.

5 Tips for Practicing Yoga With Your Family

Practicing yoga with your family members can turn out to be a great experience. But preparing all of them to practice may be a tough call. So in this article I talk about the 5 tips that I used for preparing my family members to practice yoga with me.

Levels Of Sri Sri Yoga

Sri Sri Yoga is a type of yoga which integrates different elements from different types of yoga.This yoga covers a wide range of breathing techniques and body postures that aim at bringing about mind, body, and spirit unity. In addition to bringing about this unity, Sri Sri Yoga also aids in sharpening sensitivity towards different levels of existence thus resulting to full blossoming of the human potential.

Excellent Poses To Do While In The Office

When you work on the computer for a long time you expose yourself to shoulder, back, and neck strain which leads to stiffness and tension. The tension and stiffness in return interferes with your productivity which in most cases lowers your productivity.

How to Kick Start Your Yoga Practice Again

Sometimes your passion for yoga may just die and its results may be worst for your health. Before it happens, it’s better to kick start your practice again. In this article I share the 5 tips that helped me in starting my yoga practice again after a long break of one month.

5 Ways To Challenge Yourself While Practicing Yoga at Home

Sometimes we need to challenge ourselves for increasing our focus on yoga, especially when we are practicing at home. So in this article I talk about 5 ways that I use for challenging myself during a home practice session.

5 Similarities Between Gardening and Yoga

You may not know, but there are many similarities between gardening and yoga. In this article I talk about 5 such similarities that give me the feeling of yoga experience while I’m gardening.

The Real Benefits of Hot Yoga

As the temperatures outside continue to stay below the freezing mark many of us find it more difficult to get outside and exercise. Hot yoga can be a great alternative exercise during the winter months to warm the body and increase strength and flexibility.

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