Day 12 – Focus | MOVE – A 30 Day Yoga Journey

Kids Yoga – Storytelling Tips

One of the more challenging yoga classes to teach is one that is full of giggling, active, distracted children. Many times, the age range in these youth classes is diverse, and Yoga instructors have to put in a lot more time planning and targeting activities to children’s needs than they would in a traditional adult session.

Yoga and the Four Gateways of Speech: Is It True?

Ultimately the goal of all Yogic practices is oneness with the divine pulsation that flows through and underlies the very fabric of the universe. According to Maharishi Patanjali, this oneness is known as Samadhi or the state of enlightenment. On the Yogic path there are a number of prescribed actions and behavioral injunctions. These actions and cessation of other actions are detailed in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

Staying Healthy With Yoga

This article talks about how one will be able to stay healthy with yoga. It also mentions the benefits that yoga has on our bodies.

Teaching Yoga for Personality Development

How many of your students told you that they attended classes to improve their personalities? Just a quick guess: None of your students considered Yoga for improving their personality. Yet, personality improvement is a by-product of a sense of awareness. Yoga practitioners learn to become conscious of their thoughts, words, and actions.

Different Styles of Yoga in All Parts of the World

Yoga is a Hindu practice of physical, mental, and spiritual discipline, originating in ancient India. The goal of yoga, or of the person practicing yoga, is attaining of a state of adept devotional awareness and composure.

How to Choose the Right Skidless Yoga Towel to Improve Your Practice

A skidless yoga towel will help you improve your yoga practice by giving you the traction you need to get deep into your asanas. You’ll find your focus improving and a deeper state of awareness when using a skidless yoga towel.

What Is Hot Yoga? – How Is Hot Yoga Different From Other Forms of Yoga?

A brief introduction to what hot yoga is. A quick look at the most popular form of hot yoga, Bikram Yoga and a run down of some of the other forms of hot yoga available today.

Yoga Manages Weight and Health

This article talks about how yoga can aid in weight and health management. It mentions the suggested techniques as well as the benefits. It also talks about certain forms of yoga and poses that are most suitable.

Teaching Yoga: Pranayama Connects Mind and Body

Many highly esteemed Swamis encourage yoga teachers and students to practice pranayama daily for its therapeutic rewards. We feel the benefits if we engage in a daily practice of pranayama.

Yoga Meditation for States of Happiness

As a yoga instructor, maybe you tire of reading about states of happiness. From Laughter Yoga to feel good meditations, we know that happy feelings strengthen our immune systems. Let’s look at meditation methods outside and inside yoga for an optimum immune system and a quality life.

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