Day 17 – Snuggle | MOVE – A 30 Day Yoga Journey

Positive Psychology in Yoga Posture Practice

Mindful awareness is essentially the ability to be completely present in the moment without anxiety, expectation, or any attachment to the outcome. This practice can be similar to walking the proverbial razor’s edge. In order to mindfully move through the asana segment of your Yoga session, it is necessary to practice the postures without any kind of story attached to your momentary ability to practice a variety of asanas, on any specific day.

Chair Yoga for Anxiety

Chair Yoga is completely approachable and immune to common Yoga stereotypes. The prospect of having the chair available for support gives even the most anxious of students the advantage of having a sense of control. The chair offers the promise of constant stability and grounding during the practice, which is exactly what someone with anxiety really needs.

5 Tips From One Yoga Student to Another

These are 5 useful tips that any new person starting yoga needs to know. Starting yoga can be intimidating and knowing what to expect is half of the battle.

Telling Stories for Kids Yoga Postures

When you teach a kids’ Yoga class, you must put your creative thinking to work. Children become engaged when the class is interactive, fun, silly, or intriguing. In order to make it intriguing to kids, you might have to think like a kid again. Children love stories of all kinds. They like true stories that teach about the world around them, as well as fantastic stories that take their imaginations on beautiful journeys.

Yoga Mantras for Managing Anxiety

A positive affirmation will reduce anxiety. A mantra is a sacred syllable or word. It is also known in some spiritual traditions as a mantram. A mantra is different from a positive affirmation. The very syllables of a mantra vibrate with the essential energy of divinity. A good example of a very well known mantra is the word, “Om.” According to quantum physicists…

Yoga Centering for Children

Centering activities, in Yoga, help kids learn how to deal with feelings of anxiety, stress, or helplessness. Yoga classes teach kids to take a break from all the business of life to just “be” for a few moments. The healthy techniques learned in kids Yoga sessions are valuable tools that children will use throughout the rest of their lives.

Best Strength Building Yoga Postures

By both holding and flowing through poses, Hatha, Ashtanga, Power, and Vinyasa Yoga build strength in virtually all areas of the body. A consistent Yoga practice can build both strength and flexibility in muscles, bones, joints, ligaments and tendons. Listed below are some of the top strength-building Yoga poses.

Yoga – What Is It?

The word “Yoga” is derived from the Sanskrit word “yuj” which means “reunion”. Yoga refers to a unique combination of exercises and postures that aims at promoting physical and spiritual wellbeing.

What Is Yoga? A Guide for Beginners

Since gaining popularity in the 1970’s yoga has become one UK’s favourite fitness classes, with fans ranging from supermodels to rugby players. Why all the excitement about a bit of bending and stretching? Fancy giving yoga a go but don’t know your asana from your elbow?

Isn’t There a Corporate Policy Against Doing Yoga at Work?

You’ve heard yoga is ‘good for you’ and the medical studies prove its health benefits. You were never really sure if yoga would be too ‘woo woo’ or against any company policies. Yoga at the office can reduce stress and increase a sense of calm while working.

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