Day 22 – Renew | BREATH – A 30 Day Yoga Journey

Intermediate Yoga Sequence For Developing Pratyahara

Pratyahara is sense withdrawal or introversion/introspection. The practice of this sequence helps with the development of pratyahara.

What Type Of People Should Take Yoga Teacher Training Online?

Many people opt to become yoga instructors, oftentimes by taking yoga teacher training online. However, there are many yoga students who have considered undergoing teacher training, but aren’t sure if this career path is right for them. While there…

How to Choose the Best Yoga Management Software

Administration of the yoga business as the owner of yoga studio or as a teacher could give one happiness in teaching and sharing yoga to the people. But this is business where the owner has to maintain a lot of staffs and teachers in order to make the business running. It is not easy to maintain the finance reports, do marketing and advertisements and grow business. To reduce the workload of administrative affairs there is the yoga management software having different features which would help in the management of yoga business. This Studio software is also used in pilates, personal training, dance, martial arts, fitness, health club and salons.

3 Yoga Poses To Relieve Heartburn

Heartburn comes about when the stomach acid breaks past the upper and lower sphincters of the esophagus. Heartburn can make you very uncomfortable and as a result greatly lower your productivity both in your job and in business. The good side is that there are a number of yoga poses that can relieve the condition. Some of the most beneficial poses are:

Yoga Poses To Firm A Sagging Chin And Neck

Do you know that you can firm up your sagging skin under your chin and neck using yoga? Here are some of the most beneficial poses. Seated forward bend Here you need to sit on the floor with your legs stretched out in front of your body and then stretch your arms above your head. You should then lean forward over your legs and hug your knees. For ideal results you should hold in this position until you feel tension building.

Yoga Poses To Firm Your Butt

Yoga not only helps you to balance your body and mind, but it also helps you to stretch and strengthen your muscles. If you want to tone your butt muscles, here are some of the poses that you should engage in: Traditional squat Here you need to put your feet hip width apart and then sit down as if you are sitting in a chair. You should then put your hands on your hips and then lean back. For ideal results you should lean back until your can’t take it anymore. Once you reach your maximum position you should inhale and come back up.

3 Yoga Poses To Help You Increase Your Height

In addition to helping you to improve strength, balance and flexibility, yoga has been shown to be very effective in helping people to increase their height. You need to note that if you are a full grow adult, yoga will not help you to “grow” but it will rather help you to appear taller by stretching your spine. Here yoga creates a space between vertebrae and helps you to support this extension

Yoga Poses To Help You Have A Glowing Skin

If you want to have a glowing skin, here are some of the most beneficial poses that you can engage in: Headstand This is an ideal pose when you want to have a long lasting glow and healthy look in your face. When you stand on your head, blood starts to flow downwards and as a result blood circulation in your face greatly improves.

3 Yoga Poses To Relieve Ear Pressure

Ear pressure can make your very uncomfortable; however, the good news is that you can easily relieve it using yoga. Here are some of the best poses that you should engage in: Downward facing dog It provides sinusitis relief by releasing pressure from the ears. To assume the move you should move to your hands and knees and then move your wrists underneath your shoulders and your knees underneath your hips.

Yoga Poses You Should Avoid If You Have Bad Wrists Or Hands

Here are some yoga poses that you should avoid if you have bad wrists and hands. Sun salutation poses Most of these poses require you to place your weight on your arms and wrists repeatedly which can bring you a lot of pain. To avoid the pain you should avoid the poses. Some of the poses that you should avoid are: plank, upward-facing dog, four-limbed staff, and the downward-facing dog.

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