Day 5 – Deepen | MOVE – A 30 Day Yoga Journey

First Chakra Poses Help Yoga Students Become Peaceful Warriors

First chakra poses can give yoga students the title of Peaceful Warrior on the QT. What are some of the resources needed to be victorious?

Yoga and It’s Rise to Popularity

What is yoga other than a new way to stay fit? To truly understand the reasons behind the benefits of yoga, you must know where it came from and why. The word itself, yoga, means “union” in Sankrit.

Understanding Breathing in Yoga

The flowering of our yoga practice is woven into the intimate relationship we experience with our breath. What was once a nauseating monster becomes a nourishing friend.

Yoga Beyond Physical Fitness

A lot of people know Yoga as a fitness routine, but for those who are truly interested in learning and practicing Yoga, it is beneficial to take time and really understand to the answer the pressing question on what yoga truly means. Yoga, in Sanskrit means union.

How To Incorporate Meditation In Your Yoga Practice Through Tadasana

The sport is attention training. The rewards include more productivity and feeling less stressed. Attention training requires the same dedication and commitment required of Olympic athletes and certainly worth it too.

Designing A Yoga Pose List

To design a yoga pose list write down the poses you want to practice. Consider injuries, tired muscles, time of the day for your practice, and activities of the day – will you be hunching forward, sitting or standing most of the day? Organize with (1) warm ups to begin (2) smooth transition from one pose to the next; (3) counter poses (4) rest poses and (5) cool down to end.

Yoga Teacher Training: Blood Pressure

During yoga teacher training, there is so much talk about asanas being contraindicated because of high blood pressure that it leaves some interns in a state of confusion. High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, affects millions of people. When you suffer from high blood pressure, your heart has to work harder than normal just to pump blood throughout the body to stay alive. This can lead to other heart complications, like hardening of the arteries or heart failure.

Yoga Instructor Training: Varicose Veins

Once you become a Yoga teacher, every person with a medical condition wants to find an alternative remedy for their problem. Varicose veins can be caused by a variety of problems, but much of what you learned in your initial Yoga instructor training will help.

Top 5 Benefits of Yoga

Tantra Yoga and Hatha Yoga view your body as an extension of your mind. Put in another way, if you change something about your body, you change your mindset as well. Since Yoga’s main goal is to refine your mental capacity so you can see the person you are and what the world is really about. Tantra Yoga and Hatha Yoga focus your body as well as your mind, training your body as a way to train your mind. This concept of traditional Yoga has survived in most of the modern Yoga systems.

Swell Yoga Moves

Swell yoga moves to beat the blues. This vinyasa can be interspersed within your practice or be a stand alone energy pick up. Challenge yourself, get the heart pumping more, and put a spring in your step and sparkle in your eyes.

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