Day 6 – Light | MOVE – A 30 Day Yoga Journey

Yoga Teacher Training: Neck Pain

Anatomy is such an important part of hatha yoga instructor training. As you learn in Yoga teacher training, the neck is the most fragile part of the spine. The neck supports the weight of the head during the hours we are awake. When you consider our skeletal structure, it’s a wonder that many of us are lucky enough to have pain free days.

Yoga Monkey Posture – How to Do the Monkey Pose in Yoga

Yoga Monkey Posture is the splits. All is not lost for those of us who cannot do splits. We can still reap the benefits like a powerful release of the hip flexors, buttock and hamstring stretch even though our hips cannot reach the floor? Here’s how.

Yoga Teacher Training: Mindfulness

When sitting through a lecture in yoga teacher training, one intern raised a hand and said: “I never knew there was mindfulness in yoga.” Over the years, a few fitness yoga teachers have said the same. In Sanskrit: smrti or smiriti means mindfulness. When a yoga teacher asks the class to focus on the present or to be present for class that is also the state of mindfulness (awareness).

Generating Energy Through Third Chakra Yoga Poses

An exploration of third chakra yoga poses so I can easily complete some tasks before bedtime. I choose 3 poses to igenerate energy. How can this practice be managed so sleep comes easily?

Yoga Instructor Training: Sciatica

Of the many ailments we may study during a yoga instructor training course, back pain and headaches are most common for the average person. Sciatica is fairly well known among people who experience pain in the back. Chances are you are already familiar with sciatica, a relatively common condition that occurs when a nerve root is compressed in the lower back.

Yoga Teacher Training: Addiction

Imagine my surprise when one of my first teaching assignments was at a drug rehabilitation clinic. Yoga teacher training hadn’t prepared me for this one and I had no idea which drug did what! I contacted Paul for some advice, which was very encouraging. Although we learned many pranayama techniques during yoga instructor training, I hadn’t considered the state of euphoria we take for granted could be so effective in drug rehabilitation. Additionally, there is much more of this experience for me to share with you.

Neat Yoga Moves That Move The Lymph

Neat yoga moves to release hip and shoulder muscles. If the hips are not level to the ground use a blanket under the lower hip. For hip replacement, do not cross the thighs. A strap is useful for tight shoulders. Massage lymph nodes in this flow.

Everything About Yoga You Should Know

Time passing challenges people to newer and newer adventures. The same happens in life. Once with aging, the body starts to feel the heavy pressing of health conditions. Doctors and specialists dedicate their entire work in finding the best treatments.

Best Place To Do Yoga Retreat

Yoga is a Sanskrit word which means to join. When we practice yoga it is a union of our body, mind and soul. When we talk about yoga retreats, we imagine of a serene place close to unspoiled Mother Nature, surrounded by lush green trees, meadows and of all a perfect view.

Second Chakra Yoga Poses

Hip openers are second chakra yoga poses. Deeply explore sensations in this 2nd chakra area from pubic bone back to the sacrum, by performing 2 poses in a restorative way – on your back. End strong with a standing pose. This might be a great way to start your day. To end the day, you could reverse the order. Start standing and end lying. Experiment.

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