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Nothing has more deeply reinforced with society the need to reflect, slow down and breathe than the Covid pandemic. People had to spend more time looking inwards as the whole world was at a standstill and many found them uncomfortable.

This kind of spiritual awakening was something that happened years before to the founder of Exhale Yoga Retreats, Rachel Wainwright. A good friend asked him “if I could do anything, what would you do?” Taking a deep breath, Rachel really thought about her answer. Today, she and her beloved husband are helping people in their own metamorphosis experiences around the world through their Destination Retreats.

These week-long retreats offer attendees an intensive yoga clinic and spiritual experience in some of the holiest places on Earth. This November, start your spiritual walk in spectacular Bali, one of the most welcoming island chains in Indonesia. A week-long dive will invite you to disconnect from your daily routine and explore your transformation on the beautiful beaches of Bali, Gili Meno and Lombok. Explore the interior through daily yoga and surfing practices, and soak up the vibrant culture and surroundings as you heal.

If the New Year needs a fresh start, follow the singing of your heart in Chacala Mexico while Rachel and her high-vibration team help you dance on the magnificent Riviera Maya. The waves of the ocean, the sounds of the jungle, and the warm welcome of vibrant people will make your trip the journey of a lifetime.

If your spiritual walk will guide you to the healing powers of herbal medicine and yoga, the guided transformation of February in the Sacred Valley of Peru will nourish and nourish your mind, body, and soul. The cozy foothills of the picturesque Andean mountains serve as a backdrop for exploring a journey of holistic healing. You’ll learn from Master Healer Scarab Deva along with Rachel’s world-class team of yoga instructors.

Future offers in the jungle and by the ocean will be confirmed for 2022, so check out our page often for a list of the latest events.

If you dare to explore a double path with us as a professional yoga instructor and facilitator of transformation, consider Exhale Yoga Retreats 100, 200 or 300 hours of intensive instruction in sacred and beautiful Bali. This October, participants can join Rachel and her team on the beaches of Bali, Indonesia, for a profoundly powerful and powerful transformation. You will heal yourself inside and out, working through the obstacles of your journey alongside a tribe of support seekers. Raise your vibrating frequency surrounded by loving and compassionate companions who accompany you at every step. Savor vibrant culture, explore the sumptuous beaches and rainforest, and find your purpose with Exhale Yoga Retreats this year.

As you begin to explore your journey to a deeper understanding of yourself, we welcome you to our family of seekers and wanderers. We look forward to seeing you in person at one of our global events or sharing a conversation through our online training on the website. We see the Good in you (Namaste). And we invite you to meet us this year.

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