Flexibility for Beginners – Yin Yoga NO PROPS

Asana: The Physical Aspect of Hath Yoga

Yoga is a different physical workout from usual exercises; it also deals with meditation and connection to the internal conscience. It is defined as the holding of a posture or maintaining the body in one position for a period.

Surya Namaskar: The Part of Yoga and the Way of Worship of God Surya

Surya Namaskar is an exercise, a yogasan, and it is also a way to worship God Surya in Hinduism. ‘Rig Veda’ says that, “the sun is soul of the entire world sun is the only God, which bestows good health.”

9 Tips to Achieve the Maximum From Yoga

Yoga has long been one of the most traditional and effective fitness regimes known to us. The new generation might have the inclination towards pumping heavy iron in gyms as it’s more published. But the true fitness buffs will tell you that to achieve your fitness levels without any kind of side effects; yoga is the best option out there.

Ways To Practice Yoga Daily

Sometimes even certified yoga teachers are not able to spare a full yoga exercise session. However, I am suggesting a few simple methods to exercise, yoga every day without giving away too much of time and energy from your other day to day activities. Here are some methods through which anyone can enjoy the inner peace, focus and calmness that a yoga meditation session provides any-time, anywhere.

Samkhya Philosophy As The Sister Of Yoga Philosophy

Samkhya philosophy is one of the most ancient philosophies in India and shares many aspects in common with yoga philosophy. Both related aspects and unrelated aspects of the two philosophies are discussed in this article.

3 Uplifting Moments In Your Yoga Practice

There are lots of uplifting moments while practising yoga, and the feeling lasts a while. I find it uplifting to search my heart and life as I answer this question? WWW – What’s Working Well? To take moments and draw circles, or write a list of what’s working well. Can you apply this exercise to your yoga practice? Here are 3 ways to take your practice to higher heights.

An Overview of Yoga Retreats Around You

Yoga is nothing but a series of different asana, postures, and positions. Yoga should have a place that is naturally rich and has biodiversity. In yoga training centers around your local area, there are many retreats that are famous for different Yoga styles. If anyone doesn’t have experience in Yoga, then also Yoga Retreat places are the best way to start from zero.

Refreshing Yoga and Your Life

Yoga is truly refreshing for you and your life. There will be many teacher training centers available in your city along with Yoga Teacher training Ashrams.

Does Going to a Yoga Class Make You a Yogi?

Class 1 Bikram ‘hot’ Yoga – After deciding to embark on on my ‘108 Yoga Classes’ journey, the first Google search came back with the Bikram yoga studio in the town where I live. Although all yoga obviously derives from hatha and the principles to practice are the same, the styles and variations to the application of practice are completely different. Practising the most ancient form of yoga in Ashtanga, I’ve deemed Bikram previously as being a little ‘faddish’ and certainly very commercial.

108 Yoga Classes

… and so begins my journey. 108? The sacred number. 108 connects the moon, sun and earth. The average distance of the moon, sun and earth is 108 times their respective diameters…

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