Reaching Tranquility With Yoga

Yoga is a vast subject with lots of information available and roots dating back thousands of years. With all this information it can get confusing how to navigate the world of yoga and where to begin. By looking at the basics and getting a grasp on what yoga is, you can begin to develop your own course of yoga study and adopt a yoga lifestyle.

Here’s Breathin’ With You Kid

This proposition is for a quick and easy way to decompress from your daily stress with focused, deep breathing to create inner peace and more space within yourself. In less than 5 minutes, you can change your entire day, and outlook, if you just take pause, and take a breath or two, or three.

The Physical Benefits of Power Yoga

Power Yoga, through its practice of a series of rigorous asanas, is more about strengthening the body – than chanting, and meditating. The Power Yoga practitioner is rewarded with many physical benefits to his bones, his muscles, and his joints. The goals of power Yoga are to increase flexibility, improve concentration, and build and tone the muscles.

Yoga As a Treatment Program For Whiplash

Yoga could be taken as a regular treatment program for whiplash. It is a powerful practice and its effects could last as it brings about changes and improvements to the body gently but gradually. However, yoga should not be considered as an overnight cure for whiplash. There are specific yoga exercises that should be regularly conducted to help relieve tension from whiplash.

Yoga Techniques for Traveling

Whether you are traveling to a Yoga teacher training intensive, away for vacation, or on business, Yoga techniques can help you before, during, and after your journey. There is no doubt about it, traveling disrupts the body’s rhythms and can make one feel unwell.

Improve Your Life With Yoga

There is little doubt that the asanas, meditation, and breathing techniques involved in a serious yoga practice are capable of improving lives. Life with yoga is much better than life without yoga.

Yoga for the Workaholic

Sometimes, each of us needs a reality check to assess work and the rest of our life. Granted, we need to work unless we are independently wealthy. Yoga brings life into balance. Yoga for the workaholic is usually long overdue.

Yoga: Your Path to Inner Peace

To put it simply – Yoga brings individuals out of their worries for a while. It changes their focus, and forces them to put their attention on moving through the Yoga poses. This distancing, from the problems and struggles of life, leads to a different perspective, when the Yoga session is over and it is time to return to ‘reality.’

Meditation Techniques Explained Step By Step

Meditation can be defined as a mental discipline through which one attains a state of complete relaxation. When you start learning meditation your focus should be fixed on calming your mind and nothing else. Choosing the right time and right place is essential for meditation if you are in the beginning stages.

Yoga and Reiki Chakra Theory

Yoga and Reiki are spiritual healing arts based on the theory that the body contains seven major chakras, or energy centers. To understand how this works, we first need to first need to know the meanings of several words.

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