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The Evolution of Yoga

In the ancient history of yoga, yoga consists of a few aspects of exercise, meditation, and fitness which serve to unify the mind, body, and spirit as one. Yoga is a practice that has evolved throughout its history and is strongly rooted in tradition.

Yoga: Energy Guru Exercises

When was the last time you had your brain bent? Mine was a few days ago when I heard this sentence and yes I heard it right. “Every Problem is caused by its Solution.” And I thought: “Are you serious? What does that even mean?”

Get in Tune With Yourself With Pure Yoga

The majority of people have heard of the ancient art of yoga. Not as many have tried it, but the terms yoga and Pilates are familiar terms for sure. Yoga is an activity that combines exercise with meditation, in a way.

Yoga Routine for Beginners

To do a yoga routine for beginners you only need about half an hour per day and the equipment is minimal, i.e. a yoga mat.

Practicing Yoga at Home

So, you’ve had a good look at Yoga, expressed a keen interest but you’re still not quite sure which of the limbs, avenues or branches to follow; or even which style of Yoga really appeals to you. Perhaps, there are other constraints like money, or time. Let’s face it – Yoga is not cheap, these being dire economic times, and if you want to go to a studio at least three times a week, (which is actually the minimum you should practice to show benefits), it’s going to cost you some money.

Yoga and Sex – An Unbeatable Combination

Practicing Yoga can have great benefits for you and your partner in the bedroom. Yoga offers you and your partner a number of physical and emotional advantages which make sex fun and provide a deeper, more fulfilling, meaningful sexual relationship for both of you.

Lower Back Pain Relief: Yoga Moves

If you’re looking for back pain relief, then you might want to know more about how yoga can help. Nowadays the majority of jobs require people to sit or stand for long periods of time. This can put the lower back under considerable strain and can lead to pain in the form of a mild ache or even excruciating pain.

What Pilates Can Do For Your Figure

These days, life is so fast. We all rush around, most of the time using our cars and not getting the exercise that our bodies crave. We age faster as we take on greater stresses and strains and eat too much. In this article I’m going to share with you what Pilates can do for your posture and your figure.

How Pilates Is The Ideal Exercise For Men

I spent years being suspicious of ‘new age’ exercises and activities. Yoga was something that didn’t appeal, meditation was something to avoid. I always wondered how exercise can be good for you if you aren’t working hard and sweating. I did have a go at Bikram Yoga once, but I found it embarrassing as I couldn’t keep up with the girls in the hot pink tights at the front. Call it macho-ism, but that’s how I felt about exercises like Pilates.

Why You Should Be Doing Yoga

Yoga has many positive benefits, but the one word that sums it up for me is ‘power’. But before I tell you about why, let me just cover a quick introduction to this amazing exercise technique.

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