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Living in possibility is my only truth. Life is presenting the clues every day, and only my unwillingness to listen prevents me from accepting miracles. I am entering the surrender space every time I return home to enter my home.

The mystic in me awakens as I listen to that calm inner voice of knowledge. The “House of Belonging” is an ancient Celtic metaphor of the human body as the earthly home of the soul; it is also used to describe the deep inner peace and the feeling of security, joy, and satisfaction that are found in the intimate relationships of soul-friendship.

This friendship of the soul is with my deepest Self. The wonderful writer who inspires me, John O’Donohue, says, “When you learn to love and be loved, you come home in the fire of your own spirit. You are protected and completely in the home of your own longing and belonging.” .

The entrance to this house is for the breath. My own inner wisdom is restored and renewed with each long and deep exhalation, and my will to let life into every inspiration.

My soul’s commitment to living a passionate life begins with a stable mind. This year has been all but useful with all the outside chaos and confusion of painful distractions. Covid has tested our courage on the foundations of our patience, perseverance, and belief. I find it hard to make decisions that start with the first brave step.

Last year he took us to a lathe that closed the door of a house for friends to gather. My joy has always been to witness the magic of the community. I miss the spontaneity of conversations overheard by chance, the unexpected greeting of a new friend, or a random moment for a hug when that vulnerability of presence arises in a moment of soul pounding my heart. Listening and feeling the presence of others is lived in a mutual space of silence. A place of shared stillness. Come and feel safe enough to come in and explore those forgotten moments of the soul’s call. Those fragile moments of waking up to what life reveals.

Now I’m totally sure the tides have changed and it’s time to start new places in the studio. I postponed teacher training because I felt that the process of sharing these deeper tools for living had to be lived in a shared space. Zooming is great for instructions and information, but keeping the space for shared transformation allows grace to unfold.

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