I became simpler: the meditation block

Acem Training in Interpersonal Communication May 21-29, 2022.

Acem meditators from all over the world can once again take part in this special event, after two years of pandemics. From the beginning of the course, you will find that it is far below everyone’s surface. «I try to understand what’s behind the way the others are on the surface, ”he says Lisa Franke. Another participant from last year, Picciotto’s March, He says: “I want to be more aware of this in my daily life, in order to improve my understanding of others. The course has moved me deeply.

Towards an expanded perspective

Many return several times. One of them is By Storrø Petersen, which says: “I appreciate opportunities to work on important issues in my personal life. Every year there are new gains to be made. ”

Spend most of your time in groups of six to nine people, with a completely open agenda. Group members and one or two highly experienced leaders work together to better understand what is behind the communication. A wide range of moods and emotions are activated, and personal reflection brings new ideas about how we are moved by feelings we didn’t even know we had. The course is intensive. Towards the end of last week, Vadim Alekna he did not want to go home; “I enjoyed all the activities in the group.”


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