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I must begin by saying how moved I am by the tremendous love and support of the Peace and Earth Meditations. I know how important it is to be able to do something to help alleviate the pain that is being inflicted on people caught up in the madness of war. Many other things in my daily life have gone into the background as I focus on the question, “What else can I do to bring peace to Ukraine and all human beings?

I’m sure it’s a question that’s alive and well in many of you. Whether it’s joining an NGO, giving money or things, and sending love through meditation, one essential thing to serve is to take care of yourself first. That means connecting with your feelings and keeping your energy system clear. So important! Observe and understand the part of you that may be angry, frustrated, angry, sad, lonely, scared …

Here are some basics on how to process these intense emotions:


Connect with these feelings. Find a safe place where you won’t be bothered and just “be with yourself.” Listen to them, pay attention to your body signals, recognize them, let yourself be heard. You can use meditation, breathing, or any other method to help you truly connect with yourself.


Once you have a deep connection with your feeling and then give it a space to express yourself, just ask that feeling, “What do you need?”

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Stay open to anything that comes up. It can be a word, an image, another feeling … Without judging, it leaves room for your deepest need to manifest.


After connecting with your deepest need, you can take steps to help you meet that need. Keep in mind that you don’t have to get big fixes or make big changes, but focus on small steps, small improvements.


By focusing on realistic little steps and things you CAN do right now (instead of big changes that feel stressful and “too much”), you’ll feel empowered to keep taking more and more steps to meet your needs. .

Take care of yourself. Stay connected with others. Feel spacious in your heart and free in your mind, and most importantly, stay grounded in your presence. You may find yourself moving forward with strength and security.

With love,


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Please remember that we are also here to support you. If you feel overwhelmed, feel free to join the session or get in touch!

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