Intermediate Yoga Flow to FEEL GOOD (with kittens!)

2 Yoga Poses For A Healthy Heart

Every year, more than six hundred thousand persons suffer from heart disease in the western world. However, factors that cause the disease can be controlled but it is done.

Yoga And Its Effect On The Heart

There are many benefits to gain from practicing yoga. It can help you to cope with stress and improve your general wellbeing, and in addition, help to develop strength, flexibility, balance, as well as coordination.

Yoga And Osteoporosis: Prevention And Treatment

People often see the frailty that is peculiar to osteoporosis and Osteopenia, as a normal condition that is associated with aging, but this is not the case. However, medical research that were carried out, shows that these conditions are not about aging but the inactivity that causes bones to become weak and break easily.

Yoga For Tight Hips

It is a popular saying that if you do not use it, you will lose it. However, this adage holds true for numerous things in our lives and one of such is flexibility. However, the truth is that we are born not just to move, but move properly.

How To Grow As A Newbie Yoga Teacher

There are many reasons why you should register for a teacher training program if you truly want to take your yoga career to the next level. Besides, it should not just be a teacher training program, but a program that will allow you to learn and be exposed to more and more details about yoga.

Yoga: Preventing Neck Injuries

Yoga offers a lot of benefits. In fact, it can do wonders for neck problems too. In addition, it can also teach safer, healthier posture habits that will make your practice to go smoothly

Yoga Meditation Cushion As A Strong Painkiller

A lot of people occasionally suffer from neck pain and stress-related tension. However, some experts have said that meditation may offer a long-term relief to people suffering from this condition.

Boost Your Creativity With These 3 Poses

It happens to most of use. Sometimes, we make out plenty of time in our daily schedule. We ensure that we eat well, feed well, and rest well. We tidy up the surrounding so that we do not have anything else to do but create. Yet, when we finally sit ourselves down to make things happen, our minds are as blank as the white plain sheet of paper. If what you do for a living demands your creativity, then you might have experienced this stifled creativity at one point or another.

The Evolving Body Image Of Yoga

When you check the word “yoga” in Google, the image about the subject that you will see on the internet are all too similar. What you may likely see are tall, bendy, Caucasian people, especially women who are folded into pretzel-like poses.

Asana For Moms: Practices For Mindful Motherhood

Our minds, is a complex place where our somatic as well as past emotional imprints are very deep. In fact, the adventure of being a mother brings out all of these traits including the ones we did not even know we had. However, these imprints can be very surprising. It might even be frightening sometimes.

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