Jeny Dawson is the March teacher

Jeny Dawson

Jeny Dawson is one of the newest Buddhi Yoga teachers and we are very happy that she has joined the Buddhi Fam! She has contributed a lot to our class and program of events that has enriched our community. He teaches yin yoga and sound healing every Tuesday from 12:15 to 13:30. Your class is a great way to take a much needed break in the middle of the day to relax, unwind and let all your worries go.

Jeny also teaches a monthly sound bath on Friday evenings from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Sign up for your next one on March 25th for a beautiful night of their magical sound healing.

We wanted you to get to know Jeny a little bit, so we asked her five Buddhi questions, and here’s what we learned:

1. How did you get into yoga?

I was first introduced to vinyasa yoga at the gym in my home state of Texas for 22 years
A decade ago, I discovered the life-changing practice of yin yoga in Bali.

2. Who are your mentors?

Yin Yoga teachers Paul Grilley and Joe Barnett are my Yin Yoga mentors.

3. What is your favorite style of movement?

I love to run, walk in the mountains and practice hand stops as much as I love to marinate.
in the juiciness of yin yoga postures.

4. What advice do you give to new students?

Yin Yoga offers a great way to start a yoga practice, which can be branched out into many
directions, one that can last the rest of your life. One of the great benefits of Yin Yoga
practice is precisely this ability to pay attention: in the yang forms of yoga, we are only in a
posture for a short period: five breaths, or maybe a minute or so. In Yin Yoga, literally
marinate in the juicy posture and pay attention to the flow of sensations. Yin Yoga
gives us the opportunity to learn what sensations are, where they are, if they are healthy,
even if it’s hard, or too much. We learn what an edge is, what it can be
completely lost in our yang practice. In yang yoga styles, especially for beginners, we
they are very concerned with all the details of the postures: the alignment, the musculature
appointments, teacher directions, breathing, bandhas, etc. With Yin Yoga, we
we have time to learn to pay attention to the sensations, on our side. The student is given the
time and guidance needed to experience your body and the effect on your body that the
create postures. With this training, you will know when they have reached a good advantage.
They can develop their own sensitivity to what they need, when to go deeper and when
reverse gear. With this entry into yoga, the student will be well equipped to join the fastest pace
yang forms of yoga.

5. How is your perfect day?

My perfect day begins with sunrise, birdsong, meditation and coffee. A trip to the
farmers market for healthy bites, a bouquet of fresh flowers, sweet smiles and warm hugs. A
run on the beach with sandy fingers and love the ocean. A sunset picnic followed by yin yoga, a
bubble bath with candles and an inspirational book before bed.

Yin Yoga

Jeny also conducts training on Yin foundations during the first weekend in May. Even if you don’t want to teach Yin Yoga, enjoy learning about this unique style of yoga. You never know, you might find that you want to share it with others too! You can also see her Fascia Release Workshop on March 26 with local chiropractor Maddie Wallace.

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