Understanding Yoga – A Brief History

This article gives you a brief history and understanding of yoga; it also includes an introduction to the great yogic spiritual literature, The Bhagavad Gita, The Ramayana and The Mahabharata. Like most of you, when I first heard about “”yoga” I knew it was something that had been around for years. I knew it had something to do with “stretching”, “relaxation”, ” inner peace and being happy and calm”.

Get to Know Yoga Experts in Modern Age

The origin of yoga dates back to more than three thousand years. According to Vedic literature, yoga is a set of techniques to control body and mind. Patanjali is credited as “father of yoga” for his extraordinary work in making and standardizing the principles of yoga. This article throws light on people who made considerable contribution to develop and popularize modern yoga techniques that are getting increasingly popular across the globe.

How to Do Yoga

Yoga is essential to maintain a healthy mind and healthy life. There are many poses to participate in when you’re just a beginner. These poses will help relieve your stress and relax your mind.

5 Top Benefits Of Attending A Yoga Retreat

If you are looking for something interesting to do over the weekend or just to reward yourself for working so hard, signing up for a yoga retreat should be number one on the list. It is a life changing experience and can be adapted as part of your lifestyle, to maintain a long healthy life. Here are just but some of the very many benefits it has: Discover a new technique – Yoga retreats are organized by yoga instructors who are usually perfect when it comes to teaching different…

The Physical Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has been practiced for the last 5,000 years which makes yoga teachers training important. Today, millions are enjoying the health benefits of yoga. The benefits derived from yoga outweigh the challenges experienced in choosing a class.

Ways of Reducing Risks of Injury From Yoga

Yoga is non-competitive; therefore, it is suitable for everyone, regardless of their fitness level or age. The yoga teacher carefully guides and observes the practitioner, and help to modify the postures when necessary. The body postures practiced should never cause pain.

Some of the Popular Methods Used In Yoga

Yoga teacher training is becoming popular as more and more people seek to enroll for yoga classes. The practice of yoga, according to research has been known to offer many health benefits, such as normalization of blood pressure and increased fitness. Yoga is recommended to treat stress.

Your Knees And Your Yoga Practice

Learn about the important role of the knees in the yoga practice and how you can protect it from injury. Discover how awareness help take your yoga practice to the next level.

Ways Yoga Can Help You Lose Weight

Studies across the world continue to reveal the health benefits of Yoga, and the age old philosophy continues to become the new fitness regime for the health conscious. By including yoga in your daily life you’ll be surprised at how much more supple and strong your body becomes.

What to Consider When Taking Up Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Yoga is a name derived from Sanskrit, and simply means to yoke, or unite. Thus practicing yoga will help you unite your mind, body and soul. People who practice yoga are said to live a balanced, happy and fruitful life.

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