Meditation 6 Connecting with throat Chakra

Modern Yoga Exercise: Is It Really Yoga?

In addition to providing a distorted view of the original practice, modern Yoga has been side-tracked and used as a method to promote fame and sell images to the public. This includes personal stardom, and anything from politically correct organic mats, to expensive high-style clothing and accessories. While this is not inherently bad in itself, it hardly resembles the humble lifestyle, and unwavering devotion, of the many sages, who kept Yoga alive for generations through Sanskrit texts and oral teachings.

Introduction to Kirtan in Yoga Class

Kirtan is an Indian devotional practice of call and response singing or chanting. Many of these practices are comprised of mantra and japa. These divine syllables resonate with a sacred vibration. As a Yoga student participates in the practice of kirtan, his or her being begins to vibrate at the same divine frequency.

Purchase A Yoga DVD To Help You Get In Shape and And Save Money

Using yoga DVDs at home can not only help get you into shape, it can save you money. Here we look at the reasons why.

Attention! Men Over 40! How About “Yoga Care”?

In my life and especially since I have been a yoga teacher I have noticed that men over 40 have such a hard time with their health. Since I reached my 40’s, even though I teach and practice yoga, I have noticed that my body feels a certain change coming on. Men over 40 generally appear to have more of a stiff existence and their joints don’t move at the same degree as they used to in their younger days.

What Is the Spiritual Aspect of Yoga?

The spiritual discipline of Yoga helps to answer the quintessential question that has plagued man since the beginning of time: “Who am I?” Finding the answer requires patience and a sincere desire to understand human nature; and the answer is different for every person.

Bikram Yoga – What Are the Benefits of the Practice?

Bikram Yoga is a system of yoga that Bikram Choudhury synthesized from traditional yoga techniques. Bikram’s classes run exactly 90 minutes and consist of a set series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. Each pose is a challenge based on one’s personal abilities. The postures are done in the safe environment of a heated room so that deep penetration can relieve one’s body resistance without risking injury.

Burning More Hot Yoga Calories

The term hot yoga calories was coined to define a difference in the number of calories burned while doing hot yoga compared to other forms. It is my belief that practicing yoga in high heat helps to increases my rate of burning extra calories.  After practicing a few years in hatha and vinyasa classes, I started hot yoga.

Niche Market Benefits of Hot Yoga

In the highly competitive yoga market, specialized classes are definite benefits offered at hot yoga schools. Bikram Choudhury is the person responsible for inventing the idea of hot yoga. It was also his attempt at franchising his ideas that lead people to create hot yoga.

Tips to Insure Yoga Calories Burned in Your Practice

While yoga calories burned are the first focus of a yoga practice, many students attend yoga in hopes of losing weight. To address this, I’ll offer a few ideas to implement during class. In the twelve years I have instructed yoga, I’ve seen many types of people come and go in my classes. One thing remains constant for most practitioners, especially the beginners, and that is a lack of awareness. Many people are more worried about following the sequence in time or finding the perfect pose, than they are of truly experiencing the effects of the asana they are doing.

Who Is Afraid of Yoga Mantras?

You’ve finally finished your yoga class, but now you fear the eerie part… yoga mantras. Everyone takes a deep breath and out comes the ooooooommmmmm. You lip-sync, hoping you can just fake it, maybe humming quietly inside your throat. Honestly though, you’re selling yourself short. Leaving out the mantra is like leaving the air out of your tires.

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