Menopause Yoga Exercises Low Back Pain

Yoga After Rotator Cuff Surgery

According to conservative estimates, in 2008, nearly two million people visited a doctor because of rotator cuff injuries, within the United States. Some estimates claim higher numbers and it makes one wonder about the global statistics. The rotator cuff, which provides stability to the shoulder, is particularly vulnerable to injuries in sports like swimming, kayaking, tennis, and baseball.

The Importance of Warm Ups in Yoga

Since an integral part of most physical Yoga practices includes meditation and breathing exercises, many practitioners feel that Yogic exercise provides a “gentle workout” and skip the vital warm up session to tackle more challenging postures as soon as possible. This can be very dangerous, since warming up the body before attempting these more challenging postures can prevent injury.

Learning Basic Yoga Breathing Techniques

So you want to learn some of the basic yoga techniques? Then you’re undertaking a great tradition of self control and stress relief. Before you can truly get into yoga however you need to learn to breathe properly. Follow these instructions, and soon enough you’ll be ready to tackle Yoga like a pro!

5 Ways to Deal With Yoga Instructor Burn-Out

It’s nearly mid-year and you’re feeling like the last 6-months has disappeared in a flash. And, as a hard-working Instructor and Studio owner, you’re feeling worn-out. Lets face it, Yoga Instructor and Studio Owner Burn-out is the dark secret Yoga Industry.

Yoga Techniques for Studying

It is said, a few people usually finish a project ahead of schedule and have time to review and revise. However, we have never met any of these people in real life. For the rest of us, carving out the time and effort, whether the material is work or school related, is difficult. Here are several tips for practicing Yoga techniques to help foster good study habits and achieve more at a given time.

Instant Yoga Meditation Benefits for Beginners

Yoga meditation is such a powerful tool for mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health, which beginners to this practice can benefit from instantly. While practitioners have to build up, to access the full range of benefits, beginners will feel instantly affected when they begin to practice, even if for a few minutes. Just attempting a short session of meditation can leave the practitioner feeling calmer, more centered, more focused, and physically stronger.

Yoga Techniques for Chronic Stress

Yoga techniques for chronic stress begin by setting aside time for practice. Though it may seem troublesome, committing to a regular time, and focusing only on Yoga at that time, will help reduce the worried feeling of “too much to do” created by chronic stress.

Yoga and Progressive Relaxation Techniques

Within Yoga are many techniques, which have taken off on their own. The entire field of Yogic relaxation is just one example. Sometimes, a generic name such as: Progressive relaxation, relaxation techniques, or stress management, is more acceptable than attaching the word “Yoga” to the front of the phrase.

Let Naturopathy Take Its Own Course

Naturopathy is a practice by which the body is treated with natural substance and is allowed to heal in its natural form. Naturopathic medicines are called “herbalism” by the Western Countries, in India it is used in the form of Siddha, Unani or Yoga.

One Yoga Pranayama Technique for Anxiety

There are many different types of pranayama techniques. Each technique has its own set of benefits. One pranayama technique that helps relax the mind and body is known as Dirgha Pranayama (also known as: three part, sipping, or complete breath). To prepare for this exercise, sit with a straight back or lay down on your back.

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