Modern Yoga: What to Expect in a Powerful Life Class

At Power Living we teach modern transformational yoga: yoga that inspires students to practice powerfully. Over time, it offers the opportunity to transform our physical and mental well-being.

We’ve explained what we offer and what makes a Power Living yoga class unique! Whether you’re new to hot yoga or have been practicing for decades, you’ll leave our studios feeling challenged, more connected to your body and breathing, and calmer than when you arrived.

Twisted crescent posture


Expect a dynamic, intense, sweaty flow! This is our Vinyasa hot yoga class, with the room heated to 30 degrees. When we begin to flow, we move with a breath, a movement. It is a powerful class that, when practiced consistently, offers incredible benefits to body, mind, and soul. Our intelligent sequencing ensures that our classes are balanced and intentional, allowing our students to continue learning and growing no matter where they are on their yoga journey.

Woman with Tiger Curl

Vinyasa-No Heating

The same expressive and fluid Vinyasa class that we all like, without the added intensity of the heaters! Both our heated and unheated Vinyasa classes offer creative sequencing, anatomical focus areas, and a traditional yoga philosophy woven throughout.

Butterfly instructor while on a bolster


Yin is a beautiful balance for our challenging Vinyasa classes. Vinyasa focuses on strengthening the muscles and getting the blood to move vigorously around the body. In comparison, the Yin targets our dense connective tissue: fascia, ligaments, tendons, and joints. In most yin postures we aim to completely relax our muscles so that our deeper fascial tissue can receive the benefits. If you can surrender to maintain positions, you will be able to find depth in this gentle, slow yoga. It is a soothing and calming practice and an excellent gateway to meditation!

All of our yoga classes are open-ended unless otherwise noted, so the teacher will give different variations of positions for new and experienced students to attend to. If you are new to yoga, listen to the changing positions. We encourage students to pay close attention to their body and to rest whenever they need it!

Feel free to chat with our teachers and staff the next time you are in the studio! We look forward to continuing to learn and grow on the mat with our ever-growing community of teachers and students!

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