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We LOVE hearing from our widespread, international Blissful Yogini community.

It’s what makes us most happy! ⁇

And as you know, we’re not a complain-y bunch… I mean, yoga teachers are kinda chill for the most part, right?

However, there’s ONE complaint we hear over and over again, year after year… and it really breaks our hearts.

And, in fact, it has a lot to do with why we’re no longer holding tons of yoga teacher trainings anymore.

Even though we’ve trained over 400 yoga teachers here in the United States and abroad, one morning we just woke up and said:

“We need to focus on supporting the teachers who’re already out there trying to make it a living, doing what they love.”

vira bhadrasana IWhich brings us back to that NUMBER ONE complaint of our community… which is, “I don’t know how to make enough money as a yoga teacher to pay the bills.”

Or a variation, like…

“I want to teach yoga full-time and quit my job, but I don’t know how to make it work.”


“I’m teaching so many classes that I don’t have time for my own yoga anymore.”

I said it breaks our hearts because, quite frankly, we’ve been there too.

When we started we felt called to be teachers, but we quickly learned that we needed to take on as many teaching gigs as possible to ramp up quickly and pay the bills.

I remember having an intention that I would just say YES to everything that was offered to me.

Which meant, at one point, I was teaching about 19 public classes and private clients a week.

Tania and I live in a very pricey paradise — Hawaii — and it takes A LOT of teaching to make enough money to live here. We always rationalized that it was worth it, because it’s so filled with natural beauty here.

But it meant we were constantly cutting our expenses to be able to live on our tight yoga teacher budgets.

When we opened our yoga studio in 1998, we thought it would help.

It didn’t.

Lots of overhead, studio rental, teacher pay and staffing demands ensued — in fact, we barely had enough time to do our own yoga.

We also thought that holding more workshops and teacher trainings would help. They did for awhile but were not sustainable.

Sunset yoga peaceEach one is a major event of promotions and planning and executing (further eating into our own self-care time).

Next we sold our studio and built our awesome Blissful Yogini community here online — to give back to our beloved fellow yoga teachers.

Now we’re witnessing THEM… possibly even YOU… struggle with the same dilemma.

And, to be totally transparent, even though we LOVE our Blissful Yogini community, we’ve not been able to sufficiently monetize this website to create a sustainable income. It remains a love offering on our part.

To cut this very long story short, we GET the struggle. And we completely empathize with the need to make more money without having to work more hours to do it.

So here’s something we did about six months ago

We made a simple business shift that has made a big difference in our financial future.

And we’d like to share it with you because if it worked for US, we think it could work for YOU too

… To take the pressure off your yoga teaching.

… To stay in alignment with your greater purpose of helping people and the planet.

… To help you rejuvenate and keep your health optimal as the amazing care-giver you are.

It’s time to share this, because it WORKS.

And it can work for you, too.

If you resonate with the above scenario, and want to know more, we invite you to email us for more info… we’re always happy to share.

Because, seriously — it’s hard to be a Blissful Yogini if ​​you can’t pay the bills.

If you need some additional ideas, read this article next: 5 ways to make more money as a yoga teacher.(opens in a new tab)

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