Ranking of the most popular meditation blocks in the world (2022)

There are lots of valuable and engaging meditation blocks. That’s great! This valuable and ancient practice is constantly growing in popularity, which can only be a positive thing for our world at large.

Below is a list of the top 21 meditation blocks in the world in terms of traffic rankings and social media statistics (more on how we calculated the rankings below).

The focus of the list is on blogs that talk exclusively about meditation and closely related topics. There are a lot of big blogs that get a lot of traffic, but instead of being strictly meditation, they also cover hundreds of other topics, think of places like Huffington Post and Mindbodygreen.

Without further ado, here is the ranking!

Ranking of the most popular meditation blocks in the world

Top rated meditation websites

How scores are calculated

The above rankings are calculated by combining the amount of traffic each site receives and how many social media followers the site has.

Keep in mind that this list was created primarily just for fun and to highlight the online meditation community that exists today.

Alexa was used to collect traffic data. It is not the most accurate tool, but its rankings are calculated using a combination of unique visitors and page views. The lower the Alexa ranking, the higher the number of page views and unique visitors the site receives.

In terms of these rankings, Alexa’s ranking received a higher value compared to social media followers. Because a higher value can be placed on the website’s tangible followers, rather than people who “like” or “follow” your page, but may not receive or pay attention to your updates.

However, when the social media count for a particular website is extraordinarily high, then they are given more weight.

Finally, this list looks better in a comparative way. Most online traffic tools are estimates, but they can be used comparatively, so we can generally talk about which sites have the most audiences.

Hopefully, that makes sense!

If you’re confused about this list, feel free to contact us and share your feedback here.

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And of course, if you liked this list, a little love for social media would be much appreciated, it took quite a while to make this list.

Hopefully, the list of previous meditation blogs and websites will be great sources of wisdom and knowledge throughout your meditation journey.

If you are looking for even more fantastic meditation information and knowledge, check out some of the favorites from this blog below.

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