4 Tips for a Healthy Yoga Practice

More people than ever before are practicing yoga, and nearly anywhere you go, you can find a yoga studio offering classes in a variety of techniques. However, in too many cases, yoga is presented as an exercise, a series of poses to complete. While this kind of yoga still feels good, it is missing some essential elements that can bring you maximal benefits.

Paragliding Meets Yoga Therapy

Life is all about perspective – whether we feel up or down, fearful or exhilarated, blessed or needy. This became abundantly clear as I hurled myself off a cliff recently, trusting that I would be held by the air currents sweeping into the wing of the Paraglider strapped to the instructor behind me.

Yoga – The Perfect Stress Management Technique

People today are snowed under various kinds of stresses that range from work related stress to relationships related to stress due to health issues. Stress is a silent killer. It is important to relieve the body off this stress in order to lead a healthy life.

Boost The Effect Of Your Yoga Session By Adopting The Yogic Food System

You have heard about the benefits of yoga; now include the yogic food system in your diet to get the benefits of the complete package. Find out what foods are good for you and which make you dull. Whether you are on a weight loss journey or need to eat healthy to remain alert attentive, the yogic food system is your ticket to a lighter and healthier body.

Yoga, What Is It?

Everyone seems to be talking of yoga but what is yoga really? Yoga means union in Sanskrit which is a language spoken in native India where the practice of yoga originated from. The main aim of yoga is to unite the mind, the body and the spirit. What the western world fondly refers to as yoga can be clearly described as asana in this same Sanskrit language.

7 Ways to Get More Out of Yoga

Yoga is becoming more and more popular. As a simple form of exercise and meditation it doesn’t require any props or special equipment.

Yoga to Stimulate the Body and Mind

Yoga is the fruit of thousands of years of efforts and research into developing techniques for improving human health – both physical and mental. It is growing in popularity owing to the immense benefits it brings into the lives of people.

Importance of Being a Yoga Teacher

Yoga is a practice of mind and body; its benefits have been described long back in the ancient Indian philosophies. According to the Yogic system, the role of a Yoga teacher is very different from a teacher involved in other physical activities or in a gym. For Yoga teachers to impart the qualities of Yoga through words, thoughts and deeds it is essential that they should possess the right education and character qualities reflected from their souls.

Stretches To Grow Taller – How Yoga Is One Of The Best Ways To Increase Your Height

There are plenty of methods around that have been said to be able to increase your height but one that is also overlooked is the use of stretches to grow taller. These are in fact very effective especially for those who have stopped growing as well as it can still help give a few extra inches. One of the best way to do the stretches is through yoga, this form of exercise is in fact one of the best ways to increase your height.

Yoga Moves to Help With High Blood Pressure

The word yoga in the Sanskrit language means union and therefore it refers to the union that occurs between the body, mind, and spirit. It may also be described as asana, which is also a Sanskrit word meaning the practice of using physical poses and postures. Asana is one among eight parts of yoga, which deal more with the well-being of a person’s spiritual and mental areas than the physical.

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