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Improving Child Literacy in Yoga Classes

Childhood literacy skills can be improved through kids’ Yoga classes. Learning to read, write and do basic mathematical computations are some of the cornerstones of literacy. A well-designed Yoga class that is geared for young children from kindergarten through the second grade will help young students to develop a solid literacy foundation.

Get Started With Yoga and Feel Healthy Benefits

Yoga is an ancient art meant to harmonize the complex system of human being – physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that this process does not happen overnight. However, people who dedicate their time and energy to yoga enjoy many benefits, including: • Improved Joint Health • Less Back Pain • Weight Loss • Stronger Bones • Increased Flexibility • Stronger Muscles • Improved Circulation • Improved Balance • Improved Immune Function • Better Posture • Better Lung Function • Slower and Deeper Breathing A person new to yoga will experience what many call the “initiation” process….

About Yoga for Osteoporosis

For those people who want to prevent osteoporosis and have no other health issues, traditional Yoga is a good option. For anyone with bone-related issues, however, good advice and a slow pace in a gentle Yoga class are the way to go. Yoga for osteoporosis is a viable solution and a preventative measure.

5 Ways Yoga Can Help Increase Your Quality of Life

Yoga is an ancient art originating from India. Its primary focus is the development of inner peace through stretching and breathing exercises which help to channel energy into ones soul. In today’s modern contemporary society, Yoga is used by many individuals as a means of release from everyday life, a pass time which is incredibly personal and acts as a self exploring art.

Can Yoga Help Seniors With Memory Loss?

Can Yoga help seniors maintain memory? Ancient Yogic texts indicate that “memory is holding on to that which has been known.” The ability to retain, assimilate, and recall data about past and present events varies among different people, but the issue is of special concern to senior citizens.

Yoga for Mom – Yoga for Dad

Practicing yoga at an early age is a good habit and will keep you away from any health problem at a later stage in your life. It helps you to overcome many health problems, makes you fit, and helps you stay younger by controlling cell deterioration in your body. However, if you could not do it then and now in your late 30’s parenting your children and want to practice Yoga, let me tell you it is never too late.

The Advaita Prana Mat Is An Effective Acupressure Tool

The Advaita Pranamat is an effective acupressure tool that promotes self-healing, relaxation and revitalization that restores the energy flow of your body. It is almost a reflexology mat that stimulates the pressure points combining ancient wisdom, bio design and modern technologies. Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure to the feet and hands using specific thumb, finger and hand techniques without the use of oil, cream or lotion based on a system of zones and reflex areas that reflect an image of the body on the feet and hands with a premise that such work effects a physical…

Fine Tune Your Physique With Yoga

Adding yoga to your exercise program can make a huge difference. You will gain strength, energy, balance and flexibility. Nothing reforms, reshapes and relaxes your body like yoga.

A Practical Approach To Yoga Off The Mat

Yoga off the mat is an oft-used term. The idea is to extend one’s practice outside the studio by incorporating Yogic elements into everyday life. Have you ever been at Whole Foods and noticed your line-neighbor in an asana? Now, that is what we would call extreme off-the-mat practice, which is absolutely encouraged if you can stand a stare or two. However, for most of us, the principle is about incorporating Yoga skills into everyday life.

Kids Yoga for Healing Injuries

Kids Yoga can be utilized for healing injuries. Of course, this depends on what kind of injury we are talking about! A pulled hamstring is very different from a severe head concussion. Many minor injuries, strains, sprains, aches, and pains can be alleviated by a regular practice of Yoga. Yoga classes that are geared for kids incorporate the same traditional standing and sitting poses as adult Yoga classes.

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