The Light of the Sun, the Human Spirit

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The sun is our metaphor for our own inner light. Surya Namaskara, a greeting to the sun, is our daily practice of restoring our inner light by linking us to the sun’s rays. Our light shines within us, no matter what happens around us.

Believing in our own light requires a willingness to keep activating it. When our inner thoughts are linked to the clouds, our passion for living becomes dormant. An exhausted mind loses its joy for life. And if we are waiting for the outside world to change so that we feel better, we will only feel trapped in the mud.

To depend on others to change is to lose faith in ourselves. The gift of bringing our consciousness to the light of the sun and linking our mind to the reverence of its rays is what fills our Prana system.

Prana is the source of all life. Our light is the energy that connects with the movements of the Universe and this cycle of life is present at all times, whether we feel its radiance or not. Remembering the gift of nature and witnessing how spring restores the color, smells, sounds and beauty of the beginnings perhaps we can feel a wave of vitality within our soul.

Each of us is bringing our own light to shine in the world. “Becoming the change we want to see in the world” was Gandhi’s peaceful message. Being the light of the storm is our gift to the world. Bring the sunlight today. Breathe in the light and exhale the rays of light. Bring to your heart the warmth of humility and remember how blessed we are to be alive today.

We have a choice. Choose the desire to see clearly. The sun always shines somewhere. Choose to shine with your eyes. We feel the power of this nutrient and enjoy the beauty that nature gives us right now.

It is not to avoid the clouds or deny them, the lotus flower grows in the mud. However, the flower or tree is constantly looking for sunlight. Having the smallest crack to let that light in and make it shine is our human spirit. Fill your heart with this sweet expansion, and we offer our light to the world.

With love and light,

Laura Jane

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