We continue to do special meditations for peace, settlement, and anxiety relief

These are unprecedented times and the whole world is amazed at what is happening in Ukraine and praying for peace. The aftermath of the horrible events of these past and present days is affecting us all with the fear of uncertainty, feelings of fragility and anxiety that can overwhelm our lives.

We continue to do a special series of meditations on Instagram to support every human being, to help find the ground beneath our feet, and to relieve anxiety.

In the name of peace,
with the desire for the Power of Love to conquer the love of power

You can join the live meditations at IG in the following days:

Mon 7/3 from 7.00 CET / 6.00 UK time
Wednesday 3 September from 7.00 CET / 6.00 UK time
Thursday 3/10 from 18.00 CET / 17.00 UK time
Friday 3/11 from 7.00 CET / 6.00 UK time

(account @ the.drunken.monk)

* More dates will be added according to a need and a global situation; please check our website or instagram account for an update.

* Recordings of these meditations will be available for free on our Instagram, Youtube and website


With love,
Peter and Truth

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