When Meditation Is Mastered The Mind Is Calm

When Meditation Is Mastered The Mind is at rest. The aspirant can observe his thoughts and breath. He can become aware of all objects of consciousness, including sounds, sensations, and physical body. The aspirant will not swerve from the truth of eternal life, and he will never desire anything other than the Self. In fact, he will not even be moved by the heaviest burden of sorrow.

When Meditation Is Mastered The Mind Is

To practice meditation, a person must be temperate. A person who is always overeaten, sleeps too much, and indulges in other vices will not succeed in the practice. But a person who is moderate in all his activities will succeed. Through meditation, work, and recreation, he will learn how to withdraw his mind from selfish cravings and achieve a state of union.

A person who does not meditate regularly will not be successful. He must be temperate in all his endeavors, including food and sleep. Those who practice meditation regularly will eliminate their suffering and reach the state of union. By letting go of selfish desires, a person can practice meditative practice in a manner that is completely free from affliction. He will also have a better ability to act in the world without concern for himself.

When Meditation Is Mastered The Mind is Calm – In order to meditate, a person must quiet the mind. This allows the universe to remove negativity from his mind. He must practice silence and become still in the Self. Only after this will he become able to act freely in the world. Then, he will experience his Atman, which is fullness and perfection.

The mind naturally seeks forms, and the mind is naturally attracted to these forms. In order to gain control of this mind, the person must stop focusing on his own desires and learn to act in accordance with the will of God. During this process, the person will become able to experience the Atman and thereby attain the state of union. However, when the mind is quieted, the practitioner will feel more at ease in their mind.

The ultimate benefits of meditation lie in the knowledge of the Atman. This knowledge allows a person to be free of all affliction. He is the Self. He will be free from all form. He will be able to act in the world without thinking of his own needs. The universe will remove all negativity in his life. He will experience an unending state of joy. This is the ultimate goal of meditation.

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