When Meditation Is Mastered The Mind Is Free

When Meditation Is Mastered The Mind is free of affliction. The practice of meditation leads to self-realization. An aspirant achieving this state of enlightenment never wavers from the eternal truth, never desires anything else, and can act freely without worrying about their own self. It is a life-changing experience. It is also beneficial for our health, and we will feel better about ourselves after we have achieved it.

When Meditation Is Mastered The Mind Is

A key to this success lies in examining our conditioned responses to life. In other words, we can observe how our thoughts and behaviors affect our life. If we have the habit of eating too much or too little, we will not succeed in meditation. If we are temperate in our thoughts, work, and play, we will achieve greater success in meditation. It is also possible to observe our thoughts as they arise and pass.

The insight part of mindfulness practice involves tuning into self-defeating thoughts and belief systems. The mindfulness practice teaches us to be hyper-aware of every thought. Even the thought “I hate getting up early” is a resistance to reality. No matter how miserable you are, you have to go to work early. Therefore, the repeated thoughts of “hate” will only increase your resistance and suffering.

The next step in the meditation process is to observe our habits. We are often conditioned to overeat, sleep too little, or indulge in too many activities. This will hinder our ability to meditate and will result in a state of heightened resistance. The more we practice temperately, the better our chances will be at achieving this goal. But this practice requires more effort than most people realize.

The second step of meditation practice is the insight piece. In this phase of the practice, we become hyper-aware of our thoughts. For example, a simple thought such as “I hate getting up early” is a resistance to reality. It pits us against our own reality, which is a constant battle. This repeated thought is only going to increase resistance and suffering. The more we are aware of our resistance to our thoughts, the better we can master the practice of meditation.

The insight piece of meditation is about tuning into our own self-defeating thoughts. When we wake up in the morning, we have to wake up early and go to work. This is a habit that we must break to master the mind. Using this insight piece in the practice of meditation can help us to understand ourselves and other people better. Insight is the key to a successful mind.

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