Why you need a positive and negative mindset

One of the profound ideas I have learned through my recent meditation practice is that we need aspects of both a positive and a negative mindset.

Do you know how batteries produce energy by having a positive and a negative? The mindset works the same way. If you want to achieve true personal transformation, you need to embrace both positive and negative thoughts.

Now I know it may seem counterintuitive. All these days are everything have a positive mindset.

But being totally, one hundred percent positive won’t get you anywhere. And I would like to explain why.

After reading this, you will understand why the positivity is not entirely right. And you will know how to achieve personal transformation with a positive and negative mindset.

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Why you need a positive and negative mindset

To create true energy and personal change, you need both positivity and negativity.

To explain why, let’s take a look at what it means to have a positive or negative mindset. I will also explain why neither positivity nor negativity will get you anywhere on your own.

Positive mindsets are not as good as you think

Having a positive mindset means that we think positive thoughts, believe in our ability to achieve things, and are goal-oriented. It basically means focusing on the good instead of the bad. And you can get that kind of mindset by using it meditations for happiness and positivity.

A positive mindset influences every part of our lives. At work, for example, you will be focused on personal progress and feel confident in your ability to achieve things.

It also extends to our social lives. If you have a positive mindset you will see the good in people rather than the bad.

Even your worldview will be positive. You will choose to see the good of humanity.

As a result of all this positivity, you will probably feel happy. But if you are too positive, you will not get anywhere and you may fall into avoidable traps.

You see, being completely positive doesn’t work.

Research by Gabriele Oettingen (Professor of Psychology at New York University and Hamburg University) published in New York News it shows that when we imagine ourselves easily achieving our goals we actually are less probable to achieve these goals.

The problem is twofold. First of all, when you think you have already achieved something, your mind really believes that you have achieved it. If you think you’ve lost weight, your mind thinks, “It’s great. I’ve lost weight, so I don’t have to worry about it anymore.”

Second, forcing yourself to always think positively also prevents you from recognizing any obstacles you may encounter on your way to success. And that’s a shame because you have to be aware of the obstacles to prepare to overcome them.

So while thinking about positive thoughts about life can make you feel good temporarily, it won’t really help you in the long run.

A negative mindset is not as bad as you think

Most people seem to think that a negative mindset is a bad thing. I can understand why. Negative thoughts they make you feel stressed and make life seem harder.

However, negativity also plays an important role. Negativity serves to warn us of possible pitfalls and dangers. And that’s vital, because we need to be aware of the potential problems to avoid or overcome.

Again, let’s get back to weight loss. Your negativity tells you, “I can’t lose weight because I have too much stress in my life and there are temptations everywhere.” Well. So our negative thoughts are making us aware of the problems. Negativity warns us. And since we’ve been warned, we can prepare. In our example of weight loss, we would prepare ourselves by reducing stress in our lives and eliminating temptations. That’s exactly why you You should NOT stop negative thoughts.

The problem with negative mindsets is that they can also completely stop our motivation. If we really believe we can’t achieve something, we won’t bother at all.

And so negativity doesn’t work either.

Embrace a positive and negative mindset

So far we have seen why a positive or negative mindset is not ideal.

A positive mindset may feel good for a while, but being too positive is ironically demotivating and also prevents us from recognizing obstacles in our path. A problem, because we need to be aware of the obstacles to preparing for, avoiding, or overcoming.

A negative mindset feels bad and can be demotivating, but it also plays an important role. It warns us of obstacles and obstacles to overcome.

We need to adopt both positive and negative mindsets.

Yes, he thinks so tin achieve your goals, but also recognize the obstacles in your way in order to overcome them. This is the best mindset for success.

This, by the way, is precisely the mindset you will get if you do my meditation for motivation and positivity.

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