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How To Use Yoga For Sciatica Pain

As many health experts know, sciatica can be a painful condition to grapple with. This results from the fact that the sciatic nerves (which are the longest nerves in the human body) run from the base of the spine, through the muscles of the…

How Moon Salutations Benefit Mind, Body, And Spirit

Moon salutations, or Chandra Namaskara, are a unique series of asanas that are performed during certain kinds of yoga. This particular series includes a sequence of ten various poses, starting with a mountain pose and taking the individual through…

Yoga For Healing In Cancer And Other Illnesses

Since ancient times yogis have proclaimed the powers of yoga for healing illness and have prescribed different asanas to help with overall health of mind, body and soul. Now scientists are beginning to back up these claims with evidence that these…

Teaching Tips – How to Teach Yoga Effectively and Increase Your Passion

What are your next steps as a “yoga teacher”? How might you increase your passion for teaching and teach more effectively?

The Yoga Mode

Spiritually, it signifies a time for meditation and a time for sober reflections. Great men always have such times because if some problems that are posed to them, they would need to retreat to their closet to think things through and reflect on them; before you know it, ideas start dropping. It is important in our lives to have time for silence that is why the idea of “quiet time” came up. You cannot get inspirations and ideas in the noise outside. Even ministries and churches normally go on retreat for empowerment, for rebuilding, for improvement and re-boosting.

A Yoga Beginner Guide

The ancient form of art, Yoga is reckoned as the most effective and best way to stay healthy and fit. This exercising system is not only good for physical health, but it also offers several other benefits like spiritual health, mental and emotional benefits.

What To Look For In A Yoga Teacher Training Online Program

Yoga has become one of the most popular forms of exercise and relaxation in the recent past, presenting a variety of health benefits to practicers of all ages. Because of this, becoming a certified instructor has dramatically increased in…

Explore Some of the Quality Yoga Accessories

Yoga is a great form of exercise which can help you in losing some quick weight. However, you do need to buy the right accessories that can help you in executing all the yoga postures and moves nicely. Apart from mats there are also other important accessories that you will need to make your practice a blissful one.

Why More People Are Seeking A Power Yoga Instructor Certification Program

As yoga’s incredible health and healing properties become more widely known, the demand for qualified yoga instructors keeps on rising. Many yoga enthusiasts who were trapped in unsatisfying careers took the first step toward personal fulfillment…

Ashram Yoga – A Short Guide for Beginners

Ashram Yoga is definitely a great method of losing quick weight. This form of exercising system focuses on the mental and physical well being, where meditative practices are performed by the practitioners. Till date, this form of exercise is still reckoned as the best and most effective techniques of exercise.

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